Show In a Week

Show In a Week is an annual variety show open to all societies. Each society can put together a piece that showcases what they do, working around a theme. It's a great opportunity to get new members involved and give them a chance to experience what your society is all about.

Any society can take part, this is not aimed specifically at art societies. We welcome any background and any creative ideas, this is all about what you want to do! 

As the name suggests, Show in a Week is planned in one week! We will hold a launch meeting one week before the event, revealing the theme and giving you all of the information on how the week will run. You will then have only a few days to prepare before the performance, so this is the time to get creative!

Show in a Week 2021

Show In a Week 2021: Circus of Horrors
Saturday 30th October, 7.30pm
The Edge Theatre, The Edge

Held on Halloween, Show in a Week 2021 was held around the theme "Circus of Horrors" and featured fun but spooky performances from 

  • Bath University Student Musicals Society (BUSMS)
  • Bath University Student Theatre (BUST)
  • BURBAN Dance Society
  • SalsaSoc

Key dates

Dates for Show in a week 2022 will be announced at the start of the 2022/23 academic year.

The schedule for the week generally follows the below structure:

Activity Date Location Details
Launch Friday before the show TBC This is when the theme for the week is revealed, and societies are given all the information they need about how the week will run.
Rehearsals All week Various Rehearsals are your time to get creative! Work around the theme to build a unique number that showcases your society.
Tech Rehearsals Thursday and Friday Edge Theatre The time to programme and rehearse all technical elements of the show. Each society will get a slot which they must attend.
Cast Briefing Saturday AM Edge Theatre This briefing is mandatory to all cast and will run through how the show/dress day will run as well as key safety elements.
Bows Rehearsal Saturday AM Edge Theatre All cast will be taught the final bows which will be performed at the end of the show. All cast must attend.
Dress Rehearsal Saturday PM Edge Theatre This is the final rehearsal for the show and will run as if it was the final performance. Directors/organisers can sit in to make notes.
Show Saturday 7.30PM Edge Theatre All the hard work comes together! Tickets for the event can be found below.

Cats members are expected to be available for all tech rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performance times.

For a bit more information on what happens during a typical Show in a Week, you can find the Show in a Week 2021 Launch Presentation here

How to get involved

A sign-up form will open a few weeks before the event. Societies wanting to get involved will need to fill this out and send a representative from their society to the launch meeting. You can also email us if you are interested and would like to know more.

Show in a Week also needs comperes to help lead the show, introduce acts, and bring the show to life. In the past, comperes have done everything from themed comedy to telling the audience about the society and how to get involved, so there is definitely room to get creative with this. An application form will open a few weeks before the event


Tickets will generally be put on sale alongside the launch. Keep an eye out on our What's On page for when these become available.

Complimentary tickets are generally made available for student directors/organisers from participating societies. These are limited to 2 per society.