What are we about?

Backstage Technical Services is a group of students who provide technical expertise in Sound, Lighting, and Stage Management to other SU Clubs, Societies, and event organisers.
The fact that we exist solely to assist other societies and members of the Union and University to put on events makes Backstage a unique group within the Students' Union, although we operate according to society rules and are just as much a club/society as any other.

What types of event do we provide services for?

All of the big events (and most of the smaller events) are crewed by members of Backstage - all of the bands that appear in the Tub, the experience that is Freshers' Week, Summer Ball, plays by Bath University Student Theatre (BUST), musicals by Bath University Student Musical Society (BUSMS), club nights and many, many more.

event lighting

What can I get involved with?

  • Designing and programming lighting for theatre and live shows
  • Designing and building stage sets for musicals and plays
  • Stage Manage performances by both students and professionals
  • Mix sound for Big Band, musicals, and shows
  • Technical Event Manage for some of the largest events on campus


Throughout the year Backstage run training on a wide range of subjects, from basic to advanced level. Our training is open (and free) to all members. Sessions have included Stage Management, Sound Engineering, Lighting Design, and Pyrotechnics.


You can submit a booking for Backstage using the online booking form.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I book Backstage?
We only accept bookings via our website booking system. Please book as early as possible, as this gives us more opportunity to plan and organise equipment, volunteers, and setup! At least one month notice is preferred (less than two weeks notice may result in a financial surcharge).

Do BTS members get paid?
No. All our members are volunteers, doing full-time degrees at the university. As a comparison, to hire an experienced technician would cost over £100/day.

Why can't you do this/that event for free?
Although our crew are volunteers, we still have costs! Insurance, repairs, replacements, transport, tape, bulbs, batteries, and more. Every year this can add up to over £10,000 (not including hires), so we charge in-order for our society to be sustainable.
Equipment maintenance is a large cost, our equipment may be used over 100 times a year!

Backstage is very expensive! I can get it cheaper elsewhere
To hire the equipment externally would normally cost well over £250 per event plus personnel costs. For example, a full band night in a venue would costs around £350; the current Backstage charge is less than half that (assuming no extra hire kit is needed). Backstage is almost always cheaper as we only charge for hire of equipment (if needed), insurance, and upkeep.

You are welcome to use an external company; we would recommend Enlightened Lighting.

The equipment is SU property, I'm a SU member, can I borrow it?
The majority of our equipment requires experience (and usually training) before it can be used and therefore it is rare for Backstage to run dry hires (providing equipment without personnel). Societies have borrowed some of our equipment in the past but each request is considered on an individual basis. For insurance and safety reasons, BTS does not lend out equipment to private individuals.

I want to join Backstage!
That's Great! Membership only costs £4, we have weekly meetings to discuss events on Wednesdays at 13:15. Contact our Secretary at sec@bts-crew.com for room location or for any other questions.

  • Backstage Technical Services Standard Membership£4.00
After joining Backstage please also email sec@bts-crew.com so that we can add you to the Backstage mailing list!