Taster Sessions

We do not anticipate doing specific taster sessions this year, rather going straight into our regular recreational sessions. As, due to current circumstances, it is simply unsafe to have the STV running at that capacity.

Feel free to contact us for any further questions!


 If you want to represent the University in one of our six teams, be sure to come along to our trials.

Signups for men's trials on Thursday are now up on the signups page.

These run from 20:30 in 20 minute sections, to keep numbers in the hall safe. Please sign up to only 1 session and arrive on time. Women's trials will be next week

To reiterate, if you are unable to make these sessions, especially due to quarantine, do not break this to attend. Email us at su-badminton@bath.ac.uk and we will make sure you are included in a session that will be scheduled at a later date.