Bath Entrepreneurs is a student group welcoming and uniting all student entrepreneurs at Bath to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship across the university. 

Our events have been awarded 'Best Society Event of the Year' by the SU for two consecutive years.


Our Comittee 2019/20

  • Emma Shaw - Chair
  • Siiri Saarela - Vice Chair & Head of Operations
  • Nageen Javaid - Treasurer
  • Alasdair Denby - Head of Events
  • Polina Davletshina - Head of Marketing
  • Mohamed Refai - Head of Partnerships
  • Jorge Miarnau - Head of Technology
  • Alex Fresneda - Head of Innovation


Our Events

  • ‘BE² Conference’ | Taking the leap forward | 330+ attendees.
  • 'DISRUPTION' | Insights from disruptors, outlook into the future | 130+ attendees.
  • 'LaunchPad' | Annual Hackathon | 130+ participants.
  • Evenings with BE | 40-60+ attendees per event


Your Support 

If you are a student who wants to be more involved in creating & building our events - purchase membership get in touch to become a committee ambassador.

If you are a student with an idea, building your own start-up, need a co-founder or some funding - purchase membership and get in touch to gain support. 

If you are a company who wants to support the society or reach out to our members - get in touch by reaching out directly to the Chair via email 


Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog! Stay tuned as we update this page!

Mon 23 Oct 2017