26/03/20 - Exams, Accommodation and Thankful Thursday's

It's been an odd week to say the least. But it's important for us all to remember that the situation is temporary, and we still have a lot of things to be thankful for. We're using today to reflect and remind ourselves of the things that make us smile. I'm grateful for our incredible community. From pub quizzes to daily workouts, cooking tutorials to volunteering, seeing the different ways you've all been coming together during this time has been so heart-warming, and from everyone at The SU, we couldn't be more thankful. I’ve written a short blog to summarise some of my feelings.

I hope this connects with you. Francesco xx

Living in Halls

For those of you living in Halls you will have been contacted yesterday by the University with the great news that if you are no longer occupying your room, you will not be charged for accommodation. To make sure you’re not charged, make sure you complete the form linked within your email.  We are delighted that our work on this area has resulted in this decision and are proud of Eve and Ruqia who were in the room as University Governors, when the decision was made. 

On Campus

For those of you who are still on campus. It is worth highlighting that the University are offering free food via the Lime Tree. They need to know who you are though, so to take advantage of this make sure you complete the online form here.

Assessments / Exams

Arrangements for assessments will be made on a departmental level, therefore the most relevant information for your course will come from your department. However, we are also acutely aware of the apprehension many students are facing with regards to their academic provision, and we remain committed to representing you on these and ensuring the University and departments provide swift solutions and reassurances to you. We're in constant communication with the relevant people, and are also keeping tabs on what's happening across the sector by talking to other Officers from other institutions. Currently, we are supportive of the University’s approach to replace the scheduled exams with more flexible assessment methods to ensure student progression and graduation, and we understand that the details of these will be communicated via departments in due course. We are pushing for reassurance to come from the University to address the concerns we're hearing from students.


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