27/03/20 Online Assessments and Examinations

Online Assessments and Examinations

We appreciate that this is an incredibly difficult time for many of you and have taken on board all of concerns that you have raised with us. Yesterday, an email was sent by the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Learning and teaching addressing some of the apprehensions raised by students and clarifying the reason as to why the university took the decision to cancel on-site exams and replace this with online alternatives.

This is a national issue, and many other universities have taken similar steps in terms of canceling on site examinations, and naturally, this raised a lot of queries from the students this affects. Rest assured, we are listening to your concerns are aware that the current circumstances are exceptional.

We have seen other institution's implement varying degrees of 'no-detriment' or 'safety net' policies to support student success, and are really relieved to know that the University is actively considering what this could look like at Bath so that you are not disadvantaged by the current situation. In terms of mitigating circumstances, the university is looking into additional measures in which they can support students. This is an example of where your feedback is extremely useful.

We are listening to your concerns and relaying them up to the university.

What can we do as your SU?

We will continue to support you.
We will continue to work closely with academic reps to ensure that your feedback is listened to.
We will continue pushing the university to keep you informed and updated as a matter of priority.
We will continue raising your concerns and getting answers for you.

We recognize that it is frustrating not to have any clear cut answers at this time and will continue to keep you updated. Departments are responsible for setting assessments, and should be liaising with academic reps through SSLCs. Therefore, if you have any course specific related concerns, please do contact your academic reps.

Library Update

You may have read that the main Library building has now closed. However, we are pleased with the decision to keep access to a few PC’s in the main Foyer for those on campus who really need it. They are spaced well apart, in line with government advice and the area also has 2 multi-functional printers available. To find out more about the library you can view their webpages here.


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