30/03/20 - Safety-Net Policy

The biggest topic on our agendas right now is ensuring the covid-19 circumstances don't disadvantage your academic achievement. We know there's loads of anxiety and apprehension around this. We hear you, we see you. We want what's best for you and are working as hard as we can to get solutions that protect you! It's frustrating for us to see the slow pace of the University on this topic because we know it's causing lots of uncertainty, but there's a lot to work through, and we'll do our absolute best to do right by you all.

University of Bath Safety-Net Policy

We are aware that many students are still concerned about the upcoming assessment period due to the changes that have been made as a result of the Covid-19. A petition is currently circulating which has huge numbers of students who are calling for the University to implement a Safety-Net Policy. These policies are cropping up in various forms across different universities, and they aim to ensure that the current circumstances don't disadvantage students academic achievement, recognising that for varying reasons, many students aren't able to study in the same way they would if the Uni was able to operate as normal.

We have been having on-going discussion with the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Learning and Teaching to ensure your views are heard and that a fair approach is taken, ensuring that the current disruption from Covid-19 will be taken into account. The university will be monitoring individual, unit and cohort results very carefully to best support students.

The approach is going through final consultation and approvals (it is important that the University applies due diligence to all academic decisions and does not develop policy without approval). We are pushing for you to be informed about the outcome as soon as possible. So rest assured we hear you and we will do everything we can to support you through this. 

Tuition Fees

We're liaising with NUS on the work being done nationally around tuition fee compensation queries which is a complex area so we're investigating what work can be done on this and will update you when we know more.



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