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Sport Officer Candidate Questions

Ed Dunkley

Hi Ed, you’ve spoken about wanting to get an SU App. We’ve had an app before and it didn’t really work, it didn’t have a proper purpose and anything the app could do it could be done on a mobile version of the website much better. What are the actual benefits of an app, what do you see it doing and is it really needed?

Also in your manifesto you say you want to “stress the benefits of a 3G Pitch to all groups of students and kick start a student-led campaign that will highlight its importance to both recreational and performance sport, giving the University no choice but to incorporate it into its plans going forward.” Do you not think this has already been done before with several Sport Officers? The University have said that they will be including the 3G pitch into their masterplan moving forwards but they are still yet to commit to a timeline and a location. What is it that you will do differently to previous Sport Officers to ensure this long sought after facility finally gets built?

Hi Ben, thanks for your questions! Regarding previous iterations of an app, we should be looking into what worked and what didn't work and how we could improve it if we were to - as I plan - introduce a new app or online platform. I think we can take inspiration from the fantastic freshers' week app. Regarding specific features, I want students to be able to check a box for "volleyball" for example and then get notifications whenever a recreational volleyball tournament is taking place. This would filter out information in emails or timetables that a certain student is not interested in. I would also hope the app would be able to tell students when astro pitches are available and allow them to book tennis courts, for example. 

On the 3G pitch, the previous sports officers have done some great work on it but the nature and scale of this project means that it is imperative that other sports officers continue this good work to keep pressure on the University. This is something I endeavour to do. And, as mentioned in hustings, I believe a campaign is key, to highlight the importance of the project to the new VC.


Andy Galloway

Hi Andy, you’ve mentioned you want to get microwaves in the STV. However, it would be the University installing these and looking after them on an ongoing basis knowing that they get no money from them whatsoever. In fact by installing them the University is more likely to lose money as people would bring their own food rather than buying it from the café. The University has been reluctant to install any more microwaves anywhere across campus, hence the lack of them, how would you go about convincing them to install them in the STV?

Also on your manifesto you say you want to “work with the new Club Development Officer … to expand the recreational officer.” The CDO role hasn’t yet been approved by the Board of Trustees or accepted by the University. What will you do for rec sport if this role doesn’t come to fruition? 

Hi Ben, thanks for your questions!

Of all the things on my manifesto, this point is surprisingly one of the main ones people really relate to. Microwaves on campus are an issue as around lunchtime there are major queues at the few we have available. For athletes, it is important to eat as soon as possible after training, especially if there is another session later in the day, in order to recover. This is why I believe the STV is somewhere which microwaves must be installed.

I have spoken to Miles Peyton (STV Sales Manager) about the feasibility of this and he stated that it would be “a good initiative, but the cafe may be a barrier”. My plan would be to put microwaves at the other end of the STV, avoiding the cafe, utilising a seating area which is rarely used during the day. I agree that maintenance would have to be factored in and I would convince the University to install them by expressing the desires of the students.

I don’t believe that the cafe would lose money if microwaves were installed. I don't think people choose to buy food from the Sports Cafe instead, they simply leave the STV and queue to use a microwave somewhere else. Overall, I think this would be a relatively small way to improve the experience of students using the STV.

Regarding recreational sport, the program has improved so much recently due to the great work of Matt (Recreational Sport Coordinator). I would continue this development by keeping on top of what students want. For example, if a session is reducing in attendance, I will work with the club running it or the external provider to adapt the session. Further to this, as part of the welfare scheme I propose, I will work with Student Services and Student Minds to promote the benefits of recreational physical activity for mental health and overall wellbeing.


Jake Pitchers

Hi Jake, I appreciate that you’re coming at this election as a complete joke candidate and I’m sure many people, including myself, have found this highly amusing. However, the serious question that you keep skirting around is what will happen if you actually win. Will you actually do the job and if so do it properly? There are several responsibilities the Sport Officer has devolved to them by the Board of Trustees. If you aren’t necessarily performing any aspect of the job the Board could remove you from your post, is this something you are hoping for?

Ben my campaign is a J.O.K.E , that is
•Jake based, I follow a lifestyle the Jake lifestyle, it's all about having good timez 
•Original, I've made some rad points that no one has ever made, and ever will make
•Koalas, *warning new campaign promise* I'm getting the uni a fleet of communal koalas who will live in the SU and just chill out!
•Egg based, Jake likes eggs



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