Committee members 2022/'23

Chair: William Moule 

As Chair, Will is responsible for the overall running of the Club and liaison with the Students' Union and Labour Students.

Treasurer: Kodi Mcbride 

As Treasurer, Kodi is the 'Chancellor of the Exchequer' of the Club, handling its finances and signing off all expenditures.

Campaigns Officer: Alexander Whitwell 

As Campaigns Officer, Alex is responsible for the Club's campaigns on and off campus.

Women's Officer: Charlotte Foster

As Women's Officer, Charlotte is responsible for championing diversity and the cause of women's rights and promoting gender equality in BULC.

Events/Social Secretary: 


LGBT+ Officer: 

BAME Officer: 

Please get in contact with any of us if you have any questions about the Club.

Full rule descriptions can be found in the BULC Constitution (Last updated August 2018)