National Express are the UK’s largest scheduled coach operator. With regular services to London, Heathrow, Bristol and hundreds of other towns, cities and airports – they’ll get you where you need to be.

Take advantage of the £6 one-way fare available on travel to London by booking through The SU Finance Office – a fare that cannot be beaten by booking National Express journeys anywhere else.

Bath* to Victoria: £6\£8 single, £11\£14 return (from Bath to Victoria and back only)

*Bath includes Bath Bus Station and Bath London Road **A list of all NE stops are available on their website.

Students also get 20% off journeys to all other destinations by booking through The SU Finance Office, or by purchasing a NUS Extra card. 

National Express coaches depart from Bath Bus Station, and you’ll travel in comfort with  reclining leather seats, air con, powers sockets and toilets onboard.

Tips for purchasing tickets from the Finance Office 

Please have as many details of your journey ready as you can before buying your ticket.

You will need to know:

  • Where you want to travel to
  • Your time frames - particularly if you are trying to get to an interview\meeting, please plan ahead.
  • What day you are traveling out and time.
  • What day you are returning and time.
  • How many tickets you are buying.
  • You can check the regular NE website for times and available coaches, just come to the Finance Office to get the deal.

You will need to have your library card with you to purchase a ticket.

You may add as many people to your ticket as you like, student or not. But you are not permitted to buy tickets on another’s behalf if they are not a student or you do not have their library card.

Some buses to Victoria do stop at Heathrow Airport, but you cannot buy a ticket to Victoria for the special price and then disembark at Heathrow. It has happened before that they will not let you or your luggage off of the coach if you try to do this. The agreement we have with NE is for VICTORIA ONLY.

Please also note that we can only take card payments at the Finance Office to pay for tickets.

The deals are available all year long, and the Finance Office is open over the whole of the summer break, so you can still take advantage of the deals out of term time.

While you may book your ticket at any time before your journey, please try to book at least 48 hours in advance to avoid the coaches filling up.