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In the first semester BUST puts on three main shows, as well as Shakespeare in Schools. Details about performance dates and tickets will be added closer to the performances, so please keep checking for updates!  

All My Sons

by Arthur Miller

Directed by Marta San Basilio and Roya Gharbi

27th, 28th and 29th February

The Mission Theatre

Set in an American town in 1947, Arthur Miller’s classic play tells the story of the Kellers, a family tangled in the moral qualms that accompany the American dream. Their eldest son, Larry, has been lost at war for three years– their grief buried deep down with the truths they are not willing to admit but will inevitably burst out. His childhood sweetheart Annie makes a sudden visit just the night his memorial tree is blown down in a storm that is anything but over. Her arrival forces the Kellers to face the past and acknowledge their mistakes, proving almost impossible when they’ve lied so long, they hardly believe the truth themselves. A successful businessman and father of a seemingly perfect family – what price must Joe Keller pay to keep up this façade?


Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Jack Heatherill and Joshua Bosman

19th, 20th and 21st March

University of Bath

Romance. Laughs. Booze. All the hall-marks of Bath University life are here in this adapted version of Shakespeare's greatest comedy. When Benedick and Beatrice get back to their usual bickering ways and Claudio and Hero swoon at first sight, plans are put in place to set the pairs up. But the SU President's evil sister Bella Donna is up to her usual tricks again and things start to fall apart almost as quickly as they began.