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What We Do

The Ceilidh society offers Bath students the chance to learn and regularly participate in Scottish reeling. We hold regular events in town throughout the semester where we hire out a venue and learn/practise Scottish reels. Again this is all very lighthearted and fun, we usually hire out a bar venue so there are drink breaks and opportunities to socialise throughout the event. This is all in preparation for our Summer Ceilidh ball and our ceilidh tour to another university.

Reasons to Join Us

Scottish reeling is an incredibly fun and upbeat form of dancing, this ceilidh society is extremely social, lighthearted and a great way to do learn something a bit different. Scottish reeling is a great way to meet new people. Lastly, if you join us you will also be able to come to our Summer Ceilidh ball and come on our Ceilidh tour, both great events.



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