Council/Senate/Students' Union Committee Reps

Three elected student representatives sit on C/S/SU to bring about large scale change to the student experience of Bath. Additionally the Students' Union President and Education Officer also routinely attend and the other Students' Union officers will occasionally attend to present papers they have scheduled. The election for C/S/SU Reps will be held during the first week of teaching, and if you want to stand to have an impact on student lives you can stand for election which is open to all students. 

What is C/S/SU?

C/S/SU is a formal University committee that looks at issues of the wider student experience and reports on them to the two senior bodies of the University, Council and Senate. C/S/SU is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor and includes a range of key senior University staff alongside some members of University Council and University Senate who have been elected specifically to sit on this committee.

Read more on the University's website about C/S/SU by clicking here.

What gets discussed?

The aim of C/S/SU is to discuss key issues relating to the wider student experience. The Students' Union presents papers on each of its Top Ten issues for the year in addition to any significant issues that have not be discussed in another forum. The University also presents papers on student complaints, disciplinaries and appeals and sometimes papers on national activities or policy.

What is the role of the student reps on C/S/SU?

Student Reps are there to act as a voice for students, feeding into the activity that the University undertakes. They also support the Officer team in presenting their papers and to persuade and influence the University in creating positive change for students. Student Reps can also present their own papers with support from the SU. 

Read the CSSU Rep role description by clicking here

How can I get involved?

Stand for election – elections are open at the start of the academic year and are open to all students. 

Want more information?

Contact the Students' Union President on or Education officer on