A number of venues in Bath have given the Students' Union a description of how accessible they are for different disabilities.

Unfortunately, due to the number of listed buildings in Bath, many are not wheelchair accessible, but we have asked for information on a range of disabilities.

Name of venue
How to receive support

The Assembly Inn

5 steps to entrance; guide dogs welcome.


The Bell

Main pub entrance has one step; beer garden is accessible via a ramp.

Staff always prepared to support customers; many call in advance to make sure they get support.


Small step to entrance; disabled toilet on ground floor. All staff receive compulsory disabled awareness training (including autism) within 3 weeks of starting work. Screens will soon be subtitled.

Hostel receptionist fluent in sign language

Central Bar

Ground floor accessible, though toilets up stairs.


The Cork

Bottom bar is wheelchair accessible with disabled toilet. Guide dogs welcome, and some staff experienced in working with customers with hearing impairments.

Slight lip on door entry; staff willing to help.


Fully wheelchair accessible

Customer lift available; ramp to terrace.

Hall & Woodhouse

Lift up to entrance, ground floor fully accessible, & lift available up to first floor.
Guide dogs welcome on ground floor.

Staff willing to be as accommodating as possible.

Marlborough Tavern

All on one level & doors are very light; guide dogs welcome. All menu items are printed and easy to read.

Staff willing to support where possible, including opening doors and reading menus aloud.

The Raven

Not wheelchair accessible; guide dogs welcome; staff accustomed to working with customers with hearing impairments

Staff willing to help; also offered to physically support anyone struggling with access.


Disabled access; whole of downstairs bar is accessible with disabled toilet. No automatic doors.

Staff on hand to offer any assistance needed.

The Salamander

Not wheelchair accessible

Staff willing to help where possible

Please note, these are the views and opinions provided by the venues themselves and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Students' Union

If businesses wish to be added to this list, please email sucommunity@bath.ac.uk