Candidate for the position of Community Officer

Dan Murillo

About Me

¡Hola! My name is Daniel, and I’m a psychology student. I come from Guadalajara, Mexico —if you don’t know where it is, just google ‘Tequila town’ ?. I’m a friendly guy who likes getting involved in a million things. Some people say I’m a dreamer because I like challenging barriers, but I can be very rational too. One of my passions is helping people as much as I can, which is why I chose that degree. In my free time, I am very artistic. I take singing lessons. Before I die I’d like to sing in a big stage in front of thousands of people. Moreover, I enjoy learning new languages and writing short stories, particularly drama, suspense and mystery. Another thing in my bucket list is to publish at least one novel. I love watching comedy and drama TV shows. If I had to live in a TV show, it would have to be Friends. I also like travelling so much that I took an exchange programme in Shanghai. I can’t express how much I loved it. China is so rich in many senses. Those were the best months of my teens.

If elected, my top priorities will be:

  • Train more groups to support mental health, lobby for more counselling, and challenge stigmas of less-discussed disorders
  • Improve the marketing of volunteering opportunities
  • Carry on with the Right to Rent, Fixed Fees and Preventing Prevent campaigns, and organise a Landlords’ Forum to avoid discrimination against international students
  • Promote more inclusivity in societies. Support the LGBT community and help them integrate international students

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I’m a Mexican international student running for Community Officer. I want to apply my degree, psychology, to mental health, volunteering, diversity and other student groups.


     Mental health spectrum

After being diagnosed with depression, I’ve seen that current support mainly focuses on people who are experiencing either very mild or severe symptoms of a disorder; those in the middle are neglected. I want to support student groups, such as Student Minds, by training more students and creating more groups. I’ll also lobby for more counselling provided by the University and challenge stigmas of less-discussed disorders.


     Obliterating the glass ceiling

Not only does inequality oppress women, but also ethnic minorities. I want to identify the existing glass ceilings and shatter them completely. I’ll also magnify the presence of student groups that deal with those issues.


     Let’s talk

Society negatively influences men’s behaviour; they’re expected to be stoic and bottle up their feelings. I want to campaign against those stigmas along with charities, such as Time to Change, to provide more support for the well-being of men.


     Happier LGBT international students

Some cultures restrict sexual orientation. I want to keep supporting the LGBT community by helping them integrate international students who still feel they cannot be themselves.


     More rights for international students

The consequences of Right to Rent discriminate against those with a foreign name or foreign accent. I want to run a Landlords' Forum to provide more information about how to rent to students, particularly international.


     Better connection students-volunteering

Although there are many opportunities, students struggle to find information about the events and the benefits of volunteering. I want to improve the marketing of this to get to more people.


     More inclusive community

It’s appalling that inclusivity is an award rather than an inherent part of societies. I want to make it essential by working with student groups and training societies to remove barriers.


     Better culture representativeness

While there’s much support for hegemonic cultures on campus, many others are ignored. I want to support all, but particularly the underrepresented cultures by redistributing the budget for cultural events. Aim: one big cultural event a month.


     Fixed fees for international students

I’ll keep campaigning to have fixed fees for all the years of your degree.


     Better accommodation on campus

Many students complain about the living standards. I’ll lobby for increased support, particularly for noise reduction.


     Easier house/housemate search

Support for housing happens too late in the year. I want to have ‘meet & greets’ earlier in the year for people who are searching for house or housemates. I’ll also help students who go on short placements to secure a house/find a housemate before leaving Bath.


  • Been involved in THINK week twice
  • Successfully coordinated Mexico Day, which was praised by the Mexican Embassy
  • Helped ISA run a campaign on Day of Solidarity for international students
  • Current chair of Cathsoc
  • Will be a delegate for the 2016 NUS International Students conference, and submitted two motions on Right to Rent and faith facilities

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