Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Officer

About Me

Quack everyone!

I am Jiani, your current Postgraduate Officer and duck adorer.

My wins so far:

  • University Careers Service - advanced booking and longer appointments for all students
  • Continuity work on key postgraduate issues - postgraduates who teach (PGWT), supervision and more
  • Provided more postgraduate provision - new Bath Active postgraduate sessions and collaborative events with societies and sport clubs
  • And most importantly - I STROKED A DUCK!

And of course this list is to be continued!

I am looking forward to talking to as many of you as possible during the campaign and beyond!


Top Priorities

  • Campaign for better printing provision for all students and push for a print credit refund system
  • Increase postgraduate engagement across different areas in The SU and collaborate more with student groups
  • Improve postgraduate mental health provision and plan to bring reindeers to campus as a new “pet therapy”
  • Make sure the improved SU doctoral representation system runs smoothly and is as representative as can be

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Quack! I am Jiani and I am running to be re-elected as your SU Postgraduate Officer for 2019/20.

From you, for you!


If re-elected, I will work towards:


Campaign for a better printing provision for all students.

  • Push for a print credit refund system.
  • Discuss with the university the use of print credit at the University Print Unit, which will be really helpful for students printing posters, binding reports, etc.
  • Encourage electronic submissions only, where possible.


Increase postgraduate engagement across different areas in The SU.

  • Motivate all SU student leaders to promote various events for postgraduates.
  • Work more closely with the PGA Exec and continue to improve our offers for postgraduates and ensure events continue throughout summer.
  • Make use of the Inclusivity Award and encourage societies and sport clubs to organize more specific sessions for postgraduates.
  • Organize job hunting networking events for postgraduates in collaboration with SU Development Team, societies or University Careers Service.
  • Help postgraduates to understand what the SU has already done for them by increasing the visibility of the SU Officer Team and improve the communication of feedback on initiatives between postgraduates and the SU.
  • Introduce The SU to postgraduates attending pre-sessional courses in summer and help set up a representation system for them.
  • Help postgraduates better understand Curriculum Transformation taking place at the University, increase postgraduate engagement in the process.


Care more about postgraduates’ mental health.

  • Bring reindeers to campus as a new “puppy therapy” for students to de-stress and raise mental health awareness.
  • Actively promote the new Prescription for Exercise Scheme, improving postgraduates’ mental health through physical activity.
  • Continue to work with Student Services, the new Mental Health Adviser for research students and the University Independent Advisor to ensure postgraduates are aware of the support services available.


Make sure the improved SU doctoral representation system run smoothly.

  • Promote postgraduate rep elections through all channels and help doctoral students understand the new roles.
  • Make sure new doctoral reps fit in well on the Academic Exec and Academic Councils.


Better postgraduate peer support schemes with a #HelloBeginners initiative.

  • Work towards better peer mentoring and PAL schemes for all postgraduates.
  • The idea of the #HelloBeginners initiative is to link beginners with willing volunteers who are able to teach a new skill, on a case-by-case basis. For instance, an undergraduate might take the mentor role and teach a few postgraduates how to knit or a postgraduate may teach some fellow postgraduates how to play the guitar.


Campaign for a fair deal for postgraduates who teach (PGWTs), working alongside UCU and the Doctoral College.

  • Continue to work towards general best practise guidelines across the university and suitable contracts for PGWTs.
  • Make sure the work PGWTs does is fairly distributed and paid properly in all departments.


Ensure doctoral students receive high quality supervision and student feedback is brought to the Supervision Working Group.


Make sure doctoral students are happy with their work space.


Check out the campaign:


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