Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Officer

About Me

I am currently postgraduate student in MSc International Management at University of Bath. I like to make new friends, I am very talkative and open for opinions. I come from Vietnam, the country of S-line shape with many beautiful beaches. I enjoy learning languages, and can speak good English, French and of course Vietnamese! (also a bit of Chinese!). I love hiking and cooking, and also movies and music! I am a travelholic, and my target is 25 countries before my 25th birthday :)

Top Priorities

  • More working spaces for students in City accommodation
  • Open discussion forum between university and students for detailed information on study track
  • International events where students can exchange their knowledge, experiences and culture
  • Postgraduate discussion forum

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I am My Phan and currently, I am a Postgraduate student in MSc of International Management at the University of Bath.

During my time at the University of Bath, I have participated in many activities and became Faculty Representative of the School of Management. I have learnt a lot about the responsibilities and I also am a liaison between students and the university and therefore, I want to contribute more to the Student Union and my cohorts (and also future postgraduate students) in the upcoming year.

During my undergraduate study times, I was involved in lots of extra-curricular activities including being President of Foreign Trade University French Club and doing volunteering and charity activities. I worked with Operation Smile Vietnam as a volunteer for 2 years for free surgery for children with cleft lip and cleft palate, joining the 132nd Interparliamentary Union and also various activities at University.

I believe that I can use my experiences in contributing to a bigger and better student community of the university in the future, especially for postgraduate students in order to open an international networking circle. I am committed to becoming an active link between the students and university, especially in a high-ranking and dynamic environment such as the University of Bath.