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Will Galloway

About Me

Hi, my name is Will Galloway (or just Galloway to most of my friends), and I am running to be your next SU Sport Officer. I’m a final year basketball chairman, and also do a maths degree when I have some free time.

Alongside my undying love for algebra, playing sport has always been a huge part of my life. I have played basketball now for the best part of 10 years, and also dabbled in a range of other sports with (extremely) varying degrees of success – turns out two left feet aren’t great for a successful salsa dancing career! Outside of sport, I have a strong interest in music and used to play the saxophone in a jazz band. I am also a keen movie-goer, and a bit of a foodie.

However, the most important thing to know about me is that my time at Bath has been the best years of my life and most of that is owed to sport. I have given back as much as I can over these 4 years and if I am elected Sport Officer I will strive to make sure everyone has the same fantastic experience I have enjoyed!

If elected, my top priorities will be:

  • Additional BUCS Support – provide more support eg. sports nutrition and psychology sessions.
  • Facilities – encourage flexible facility use between clubs to maximise usage
  • Surridge – Ensure the disaster this year is not repeated and hold them to account for any further problems
  • Volunteer Recognition – make it easier to get the rewards volunteers deserve

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Hi, my name is Will Galloway, and I’m running to be your next Sport Officer! I’m currently a final year Mathematics student and the basketball club chairman.

Throughout my time at Bath, I have dedicated myself to volunteering within SU Sport. Prior to this year I have been a 3:Thirty Sports Captain, club treasurer and received the Gold Volunteer Recognition Award.

My accomplishments as chairman have included:

  • Reaching a 30% increase in club membership
  • Doubling the number of regular recreational players
  • Sourcing new sponsorship
  • Currently on track to achieve a record number of BUCS points

I have loved every minute of helping our club achieve all of this and I want to use my passion and enthusiasm for SU Sport to benefit every club and student at the university.

These are some of the key issues that I would tackle if elected:

Recreational Sport

Total sport club membership is around 5000 and there are only 1200 BUCS athletes. I want to further incentivise clubs to deliver meaningful recreational programs, as well as expand the work done to provide a variety of free sport sessions throughout the year, both on and off campus.


Let’s face it, for many clubs, kit this year was a disaster… Lessons have been learned on Surridge’s side, I will ensure that all clubs get the best out of the deal we have, develop a plan to effectively track any further issues and hold Surridge to account.

Additional BUCS Support

There are some simple, realistic things that we can do to enhance our support for all clubs. These include open sessions for sports nutrition education, promotion of strength and conditioning training, and expanding the sports psychology provision from the Sports Department.

Volunteer Recognition

We have seen a steep decrease in the number of registered volunteers this year which I think is down to a misunderstanding of the new documentation and reward scheme. I will make this easier to understand and the benefits clearer, aiding hundreds of student volunteers.


I would seek to introduce flexible facility time to enable more efficient usage, and also review the standard allocations over the winter, as well as summer holidays.

Score Tickets

Queueing for Score tickets at 5am is ridiculous! I will ensure tickets are distributed fairly in the first few weeks of semester 1 and work with the SU to guarantee clubs sufficient tickets for official welcome socials.

Bigger Varsity

After several years without Varsity, it’s finally back! I will build upon this and get even more clubs involved for next year’s return leg. This will be the highlight of our sporting calendar.

Alumni Weekend

I want to organise one weekend a year where we invite back our sporting alumni for some friendly competition and a great big party!

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