Student Group Committees

Executive Committees

NUS Conference Reps

Voting takes place in Semester 1

Diversity and Support Exec

Chair: Francesco Masala

Publicity Officer: Miriam Summers

Treasurer: Jasmine Payne

Equalities and Diversity Committee

Equalities and Diversity Committee Reps:Voting takes place in Semester 1

International Students' Association Exec

Chair: Ezgi Aksakal

Vice Chair: Zoe Karlsson

Campaigns Officer: Currently unfilled

Community Rep: Oluwabunmi Adebola-Akande

Events & Logistics Rep: Kristina Urdova

Publicity Rep: Ifrah Ariff

Media Exec

Bath Time Editor-in-Chief: Glen McAlpine

CTV Station Manager: Thomas Ratford

URB Station Manager: Oliver Brookes

Media Marketing Officer: Mark Mikhail

Media Officer: Liam Bridge

Media Online Officer: Robert Farr

Media Secretary: Glen McAlpine

Media Treasurer: Dean Breed

Postgraduate Association Exec

Voting takes place in Semester 1

Societies Exec

Arts Rep: Zoe Babb

Chair: Joshua Tenn

Departmental Rep: Scarlett-Marie Never

Ethical and Political Rep: Stefan Garcia

Faith and Cultural Rep: Kevin Zhao Chen Lau

Publicity Co-ordinator: Lawrencia Njume

Recreational Rep: Caitlin Burton

Treasurer: Mark Williams and Mansha Rajani

Sport Exec

Chair: Ashia Fenwick

BUCS Coordinator: Yoyo Wong

Disability Sport Coordinator: Emma Barlow

Events Manager: Zoe Winn

Recreational Coordinator: Alexander James

Sports Reporter: James Reeder

Treasurer: Abi Lee, Freddie Sherratt 

Volunteer Recognition Coordinator: James Trott 

Web and Publicity Coordinator: Ryan Haines

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer: Emma Chandler

Volunteer Exec

Volunteer Liaison: Arron Mallinson-Pocock


NUS Conference Reps

Black Students' Conference Delegate: Zeid Truscott

International Students' Conference Delegate: Aashray Swarup

LGBT+ Students' Conference Delegates: Bethany Stevenson, Zeid Truscott

National Conference Delegate: Eve Alcock, Brad Baines, Simon Connolly, Chloe Page

Trans Students' Conference Delegate: Emily Hunt

Women Students' Conference Delegate: Zeid Truscott

Council / Senate / Students’ Union (CSSU) Representatives

Aoibheann Brady, Mehmet Cigerli, Robert Tyrrell

Academic Exec

Academic Exec Chair:

Doctoral Faculty Rep, Engineering and Design: Gege Ma

Doctoral Faculty Rep, Humanities and Social Sciences: Richard Hatfield

Doctoral Faculty Rep, Management: Antony Maskrey

Doctoral Faculty Rep, Science: Aoibheann Brady

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep, Engineering & Design: Esraa Abd Elrahman

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep, Humanities and Social Sciences: Haoyi Liang

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep, Management: Katherine Holt

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep, Science:

Senate Rep: Jack Kitchen

Undergrad Faculty Reps, Engineering and Design: Lydia Kendrick, Robert Tyrrell

Undergrad Faculty Reps, Humanities and Social Sciences: James Hart, Charlotte Rumble

Undergrad Faculty Reps, Management: Emma Robinson, Keiran Shergill

Undergrad Faculty Reps, Science: Marianne Aspbury, Chloe Chan

Diversity and Support Exec

Chair: Eve Alcock

Publicity Officer: Zeid Truscott

Treasurer: Not yet elected

Equalities and Diversity Committee

Equalities and Diversity Committee Reps: Bing Dai, Zeid Truscott

International Students' Association Exec

Chair: Sharanya Dhir

Vice Chair: Mallika Singh

Campaigns Officer: Ge Guo

Community Rep: Vaidehi Jaju

Events & Logistics Rep: Roman Xia

Publicity Rep: Kristina Chudadova

Media Exec

bathimpact Editor-in-Chief: Alisha Lobo

CTV Station Manager: Mark Mikhail

URB Station Manager: Liam Bridge

Media Marketing Officer: Dave Shaw

Media Officer: Erin McCullough

Media Online Officer: Alexander McColl

Media Secretary: Megan Ng

Media Treasurer: not yet elected

Postgraduate Association Exec

Doctoral Chair: Aoibheann Brady

PGT Chair: Denise Borbolla

Doctoral Student Experience Rep: Heather Wyman-Pain

PGT Student Experience Rep: Georgia Prastiti

Graduate Teaching Assistant Rep: Millie Green

Events Rep: Darius Gadeikis

Publicity Rep: Carl Chittenden

Societies Exec

Arts Rep: Joshua Tenn

Chair: Tobias Lindstrom-Battle

Departmental Rep: Liam Berrisford

Ethical and Political Rep: Rebecca Houghton

Events Rep: Not yet elected

Faith and Cultural Rep: Connie Hogg

Publicity Co-ordinator: Francesco Masala

Recreational Rep: Oliver Holt

Treasurer: George Backhouse, Kavesh Mulani

Sport Exec

Chair: Ryan Jones

BUCS Coordinator: Will O'Brien

Disability Sport Coordinator: Megan Knowelden

Events Manager: Nina Grassmann, Ashia Fenwick

Open Representative: Andy Galloway

Recreational Coordinator: Ed Dunkley

Sports Reporter: Joshua Bush

Treasurer: Jonathan Jessup, Bethany Burkitt

Volunteer Recognition Coordinator: Emma Chandler

Web and Publicity Coordinator: Alexandra Rosenthal

Volunteer Exec

Volunteer Liaison: Alex Aranda