Event: Paul Hodges Charity Shop

Thursday 02 December 2021 at 1pm - 4pm

Outside the SU

Sell items that are handmade by the women in their training to become a craftsman. The sale of these items provides the women with a source of income, as well as providing a funding opportunity for the organisation to support other women and girls.

Paul Hodges Trust works with girls and women in parts of Africa to provide them with support to complete their education at school and as well as break the cycle of women and the lack of education. We plan to sell items at a stall/ table in the SU.

These items are handmade by women in Uganda who rely on the sale of these items as a source of income, as well as a major fundraising opportunity for the Paul Hodges Trust Fund. These items include; hair bands, handbags, woven baskets, Christmas baubles etc.

We intend to host games at the event which will encourage students to visit our stand and hopefully purchase items. Therefore, we would require a small space beside the table(s) to play the games. Amazon gift vouchers will be given at random to students who make a purchase at our stand. These gift cards will be drawn at the end of the day by taking the contact details of each customer and pulling names at random.

For donation, we have a QR code through which the students can pay for the items as well as donate.

Paul Hodges Charity Shop