Event: Anti-Racist Campus Forum

On Monday 08 June 2020 at 3pm - 4pm

Location: Zoom

The SU is hosting an online event so we can together map out our actions moving forward as a community.

Following on from our Black Lives Matter statement on Monday, The SU is hosting an online event so we can together map out our actions moving forward as a community.

The event will take place on Monday the 8th June at 3pm (BST) on Zoom

The event is open to all and will be recorded. **

The SU is the community of students at the University of Bath. Together we play an important role in representation and lobbying for change on behalf of our underrepresented communities, in this instance, the black community.

It is therefore imperative that we work together in supporting our black members, iterating our commitment to becoming an anti- racist campus and calling on the University to work towards the same goal.

We also recognise that this is a sensitive time for the black community. A time of exhaustion and trauma with the multitude of cases, remembrance of past experiences, and being continuously asked to educate non-black peers. We therefore don’t want to ask for repetition of what has been done and shared before. This is time for something new. A time for change.

Acknowledging this, our approach will be informed by existing work from the wider sector, data provided by the University, and previous student feedback and current work that is being done already. It will cover the broad themes of Support, Community, Representation, Learning and Teaching and Communication. We hope that it will provide us the ability to build on work, share solutions and ideas to change our community for the better.

We hope you join us on next Monday with your ideas, moving the conversation from social media to tangible action for our community. At the end of this event we hope to share a common set of goals and actions that we will be working on as a community.

Keep safe.

** A form will be created for ideas to be shared if you are unable to participate in the event.