Event: An Introduction to Boob Team webinar

On Friday 25 September 2020 at 2pm - 3pm

Location: Microsoft Teams

There will be an introduction of our new committee this year as well as information provided about the charity we support and what boob team is and is wanting to do for the year ahead.

With a length of maximum an hour, the boob team will present about Coppafeel! A breast cancer awareness charity we, as the university of bath boob team, represent on the University Campus. The committee will be introducing themselves and their roles and reasons for wanting to volunteer for our society. We will be discussing what our main awareness and fundraising missions from Coppafeel! are for this year and what we as boob team aim to do to achieve these goals. Information about events we have put on in the past, what we have planned for the year ahead and how incoming students can get involved in boob team will also be provided. With a variety of sponsors and donations from corporations, we will also discuss what virtual and physical challenges students can prepare for, with a number of exciting prizes to be won. Our social media accounts and contact details will be given out and there will be room for questions and queries at the end of the presentation.