Event: Taster Session - Crochet Workshop

Thursday 29 September 2022 at 3pm - 5pm

The Edge Art Studio

Come along to learn the basics of crochet at a fun, laid-back workshop! Create your own piece of choice to bring home:)

As a taster for the Sustainable Fashion Society we decided to organise a crochet workshop to entrertain first years and anyone interested in our society. We will have 2 instructors (fellow students from the university) teaching the basics of crochet so everyone can watch and learn. If attendee's are more advanced they are also more than welcome to come along and make a piece to their liking. Everyone will be able to bring home whatever they make at the workshop. We hope to get to know and engage more new students and show how everyone can take steps to make their wardrobes more sustainable.

Taster Session - Crochet Workshop

Organised by: Sustainable Fashion Society