Event: Swap Shop 2

On Friday 06 December 2019 at 9am - 4pm

Location: SU

!!Transform your wardrobe for FREE!! Bring in an item you're not enjoying anymore -- someone else will AND find something you like -- all for FREE

At the 1st Swap Shop you brought some great items --some real finds! 90 people came along and had great experiences of renewing their wardrobe! Now there is another chance for you :))

Do you have any clothes that you don't wear anymore? Or maybe you just fancy a change? Get involved in this exciting event promoting sustainable fashion and upcycling.

Exchange each item for a token at the drop off 9am-13pm in the SU

Swap a token for a new item in the swapping session 13-16pm

See you on Friday 6th December!

Organised by: People and Planet