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Floorball is a fast-paced, dynamic sport, based on Ice Hockey. It is predominantly played in Scandinavia, though has followings across Europe and is growing in Canada and the USA too. In Britain, Floorball is still pretty small, but is continually growing in popularity. 

Floorball is similar to Ice Hockey in many respects, not least that it is played with double-sided stick, in a rink. Goals are similar, as is the dynamic of the game - if you are into Ice Hockey, this is definitely the sport for you!

However, Floorball is not just for Ice Hockey enthusiasts - it is excellent for fitness, great fun and fairly easy to pick up as a sport. Many people who have played field hockey, any sport or no sport at all have taken up Floorball and enjoyed it very much. Furthermore, the club can provide all the equipment you need, so there is no need to go out and buy expensive sticks. 

Reasons to Join Us

  • Fast-paced, fun sport to play
  • Excellent fitness
  • Dynamic club





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