The SU

  • What is The SU Bath?

    The SU Bath is our Students Union. All students automatically become members when they join the university and the union works to enhance student experience, representing our issues, providing advice and support, and supporting over 200 sports clubs, societies and volunteering groups. Every group has their own page on The SU Bath website so why not check it out?

  • How can I get involved with The SU?

    Have a look at our numerous sports clubs, societies and volunteering opportunities for you to get involved in on our website. Want to organise great events? Make sure to stand as a Hall Rep in our upcoming elections which you will learn about during Freshers’ Week! There really is something for everyone.

  • What support is there available for me?

    If you need any support for any reason get in touch with University Student Services or The SU Advice and Support Centre. We also have 8 diversity and support groups you can contact.

    We also support the #NeverOK campaign which focuses on empowering people to speak out against sexual harassment: helping promote a culture of respect and safety for all staff and students on campus.

Registration (ROL)

Freshers' Week

  • What is Freshers’ Week?

    Freshers’ Week is a week packed with events and activities to help you to settle in, meet new people and adjust to university life.

    The week is organised and run by the University of Bath Students’ Union to show off what the University and SU have to offer. We have a huge timetable with a wide range of events so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

  • What are the wristbands for?

    The Freshers’ Week wristband gives you access to every Freshers’ Week event. This includes the main arena nights where you can enjoy a range of fantastic live acts every night of the week along with 2500 other Freshers’.

  • How do I buy a wristband?

    Follow the steps as set out on the wristband page

  • Why can’t I log in to buy my wristband?

    You won’t be able to log in until you have Registered Online (ROL) with the University. You will not be able to do this until you have been contacted via email by the University in early September telling you how to register. Once completed, you will need to wait for your thesubath.com account will be activated.

  • I’ve lost my wristband, can I get another one?

    Unfortunately we cannot replace lost wristbands, however if yours does snap off or break keep hold of the broken wristband and find a captain at one of the information points who can arrange a replacement for you.

  • Can I have my wristband posted to me?

    Wristbands cannot be posted and must be collected in person in The Tub, the campus nightclub in The SU. You will need photo ID to pick up your wristband.

  • Where do I pick up my wristband?

    Check the What's On page to find out when you can collect your wristband. Collections will be in the Tub (The SU nightclub). Make sure you bring a government issued photo ID, and your library card if you have it.

  • I’m not quite 18 yet; can I still attend Freshers’ Week? Can I still get a wristband?

    Of course you can! Just because you are not 18 doesn’t mean you can’t experience all that Freshers' Week has to offer. You can purchase your wristband as normal but when you come to collect it during arrivals weekend you will be issued one which is marked as ‘Under 18’. As you are under 18 you will not be allowed to consume alcohol at any of the Freshers' Week events but you will still have a fantastic time. If your 18th birthday does happen to fall during Freshers' Week your wristband can be exchanged, just come along to one of the information points with your photo ID to get it sorted, we will probably also sing you 'Happy Birthday!'.

  • Wristbands are sold out

    If you haven’t got a wristband please be assured there are so many events for you to get involved in so you can still have the best Freshers’ Week! Check out the full what’s on listing for more information.

  • I’m an international student, what can I get involved with?

    There are a number of events specifically for international students to help you learn more about living and studying in the UK. Have a look on the ‘What’s On’ page for Living In a New Culture sessions, International Student Information Sessions, and Tea and Talk events. Get stuck in and meet other home and international students with similar interests by joining a Sports Club or Society, or one of our many Faith and Cultural groups. Find out more on The SU Bath website, and meet the people that make it all possible during SU Groups Day on Thursday 26 September and SU Sports Day on Wednesday 25 September. Find out more information about being an international student at Bath.

  • I’m a postgraduate, what’s on offer for me?

    Freshers’ week is open to all students, undergraduate and postgraduate alike, however we also run a programme of postgraduate only events every evening. Take a look at the Postgraduate page to see a timetable of these events and purchase tickets.

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