Freshers' Week

  • Will there be any in-person Freshers’ Week events this year?

    We’ll be hosting a broad range of in-person events this year, each designed in a way that will minimise the risk of coronavirus spreading. Events will include open-air cinemas, a pub quiz, a huge activities arena and much more. Keep an eye on our timetable to find out more!

  • I’m not in Bath for Freshers’ Week, how can I join in and meet other students?

    We’re also planning a full series of virtual events so everyone can get involved with Freshers’ Week and meet other new students from the safety of their own home. Events will include yoga sessions, livestreamed music and comedy, film nights and much more.

  • I’m in city accommodation, how do I join in with Freshers’ Week?

    As well as being able to join in with the virtual events and those that are in-person on campus, we’ll be running events in the city centre for you to get involved in. To help you access campus, there’s a regular bus route and we’ll be providing “walking busses” to show you the quickest route to walk to campus.

  • Is there a wristband this year? What does it give me access to?

    In early September, we’ll be releasing a wristband that will give you access to our events, both in-person and virtual. When it’s available, we’ll release information on our website and social media channels.

  • How will events be planned with coronavirus safety measures in mind?

    All of our events have been planned with safety as the highest priority, we’ll make sure all events comply with social-distancing guidelines and other measures, and will ensure we effectively communicate how to keep yourselves safe closer to the time.

  • Will there be events for postgraduate students?

    Postgraduate students are welcome at all our Freshers’ Week events, but we’ll also be running daily events that are exclusive to postgrads. These will be highlighted on the timetable on this website.

  • Will there be events for international students?

    We’re working with Student Services to deliver events that help students arriving from other countries to adapt to the culture here in Bath and to meet others in their situation. The SU also has a range of diversity and support student groups, where support is offered and events hosted so people can meet others from their home countries or cultures.

  • I’m arriving before Freshers’ Week, what will I do before it starts?

    Before Freshers’ Week officially begins on 23 September, we’ll be hosting a range of in-person and virtual events to help you settle in to our university community and feel at home in Bath. Check the timetable for more information!

  • Does it matter what day I arrive on?

    Regardless of when you arrive between 17 and 22 September, you’ll receive the same Welcome Night delivered by our Freshers’ Week Captains, the student volunteers that help run your first week in Bath. On this night, you’ll be able to meet your flatmates, play some classic Freshers’ Week games and ask Captains any questions you have about life in Bath… oh, and we’ll have some pizza for you too!

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