Frequently Asked Questions

The Students' Union at Bath  

What is the SU? 

The Students' Union is the body of students at the University of Bath. We believe that when students come together, they can shape the communities they are part of for the better. Through our student leaders and elected representatives, we grow and support communities of students as they provide opportunities for others and change the world around us for the better. Take some time to look through the SU Website to find out more about what The SU has to offer. 

How can I get involved? 

From joining societies to even getting a drink in the SU Bar, you will be helping to shape the student experience! As a first year, in the first few weeks  you will get the chance to be an Academic Rep for your course as well as Hall Reps that organise exciting events and experiences for your student residence. Take a look at the SU website for all the opportunities and come and chat to us at the Freshers’ Fair! 

What support can The SU offer me?  

If you need any support for any reason, there are many services available for you. The SU Advice & Support Centre offers confidential, independent, and non-judgemental information, advice, and support with any difficulties you may face as a student. The email address to contact Advice and Support is

Student Support consists of a wellbeing service, counselling and mental health service, money advice service, and a disability service. Please email to get in touch. Alternatively, the Be Well Talk Now service offers a 24-hour phone or live chat which can be accessed from any country at any time. 

We also support the #BeTheChange campaign which focuses on empowering us all to speak out against any forms of harassment to ensure our University community is safe for everybody. You can find the tool here: report any incidents of harassment.


Campus Terminology

The Parade is the long stretch of walkway outside the library, which runs from the steps near the bus stop down to the ramp by 8West.

The Lake is the pond with the fountain at the heart of campus, located opposite the library.

The Plug and Tub are the SU bar and club. The Plug offers a more chilled out space with pool tables and the Tub offers a lively atmosphere for the SU club nights like Score. 

STV is the Sports Training Village, located on the East side of campus.

The layout of the campus can take a while to get your head around! There are East and West sides of campus, using the library as a starting point. If you stand facing the library with a compass, the SU and Norwood lie on the East (right) side of campus, along with Quads, Woodland and Eastwood. On the West (left) you will find Westwood and Polden. 


Can I get a part time job on campus? 

Absolutely, you can find a full list of part-time work available on and off campus on SU Jobs

Where can I hang out on campus? 

There are plenty of spaces for you to hang out on campus, whether that’s working with your friends in the library, relaxing down by the lake or grabbing a drink in the Plug and Tub, the Students' Union Bar.  

What is the nightlife like on campus? 

The SU runs a bar on campus called the Plug and Tub (we are in Bath after all!) which hosts a whole week's worth of deals for you! From our Wednesday club night, Score, to our Weekend Warmup with the infamous double pints, there’s always something for you to enjoy! 

Freshers' Week Enquiries 

What is Freshers' Week? 

Freshers’ Week is a week packed with events and activities to help you to settle in, meet new people and adjust to University life. The week is organised and run by the University of Bath Students’ Union to show off what the University and SU have to offer. We have a huge timetable with a wide range of events so there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

What are the wristbands for? 

The Freshers’ Week wristband gives you free or priority access to Freshers’ Week events. This includes the main arena nights where you can enjoy a range of amazing live acts along with 2500 other Freshers. 

How do I buy a wristband? 

Wristbands go on sale on Monday 12 September. Click here to grab yours! 

Where do I pick up my wristband? 

Check the What's On page to find out when you can collect your wristband. Collections will be in the Tub (The SU nightclub). Make sure you bring a government-issued photo ID, and your library card if you have it. 

Can I have my wristband posted to me? 

Wristbands cannot be posted and must be collected in person from The Tub, the campus nightclub in The SU. You will need photo ID to pick up your wristband. 

I’m not quite 18 yet; can I still attend FW? 

Of course you can! Just because you are not 18 doesn’t mean you can’t experience all that Freshers' Week has to offer. You can purchase your wristband as normal but when you come to collect it during arrivals weekend you will be issued one which is marked as ‘Under 18’. As you are under 18 you will not be allowed to consume alcohol at any of the Freshers' Week events but you can still have a fantastic time! If your 18th birthday does happen to fall during Freshers' Week your wristband can be exchanged, just come along to one of the information points with your photo ID to get it sorted, we will probably also sing you 'Happy Birthday!'. 


Where can I find what’s happening in Freshers Week? 

All of the events in FW22 will be live on the website, from the Arena nights to the Inflatables. Just click here to see the host of events the SU has to offer. There will also be Give It A Go sessions held by sports and groups throughout the week that you can see here.  

Where is my timetable? 

Your academic timetable will be given to you by your department at the beginning of the academic year, this will include inductions over the course of Freshers Week. To see the timetable for Freshers Week activities (the fun stuff) click here

Technical help  

What is a library card? 

A card that gives you access to your accommodation, required teaching facilities, and the library. It has printer credits, food and drink credit and it is linked with your student account ( which allows you to buy tickets for SU events. 

Registration info 

You will need to register online before you buy any products from the SU website, including the FW22 wristband. If you are experiencing problems with ROL, please contact the University IT desk.  

International Students  

Where do I go for visa help? 

Contact Student Immigration Service for any visa enquiries.

Where can I meet other international students? 

There are multiple opportunities to meet international students in Freshers’ Week and beyond, including multiple international mixers in Freshers' Week which will be advertised on the timetable. There are also a variety of faith and cultural societies at Bath which can be found on the Groups section of the website and who will also attend the Groups Day. 

Where can I go to practice my religion? 

As well as multiple prayer rooms located around the accommodations on campus, there is also the Chaplaincy which offers listening services and a space to pray. Further, there are a variety of faith and cultural societies which hold regular events.  

Is there a big international community at Bath? 

Yes, we have a diverse community at Bath which includes many different cultures, faiths, and nationalities. 

Postgraduate Students 

Are there specific postgraduate events that I can go to?

Yes, absolutely. You can find a PG-specific timetable on the website and PGs are also welcome to all events (a wristband is required for wristbanded events). © 2022. All rights reserved.
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