Flying Costs

The following table shows the current costs for Gliding with the University Club at Bath, Wilts and North Dorset Gliding Club. Transport to and from the club (approx. 1hr30 round trip) usually costs £5 per person (as a contribution to the fuel cost).

For those unfamiliar with how gliding is usually costed - you pay for the cost of a launch (usually winch, sometimes aerotow) and then for every minute which you are in the air. The actual teaching is free. Instructors give up their time for free! This means, weather permitting, with a winch launch, you could get an hour's tuition for just over £25. Compare that to the cost of a trial flight of usually well over £100, and it's a great deal!


Trial Flight Costs1

5-15 minute flight (weather dependent)  £10

Training Costs (with flying code2)

Launch Cost Winch £7.22
Aerotow (2000ft) £25.20
+100ft £0.77
Flying Costs (per minute) Two seaters  £0.32
Single Seaters3 £0.27



1 - This is something we hope to trial soon - currently, everyone pays the "Training Costs". More info soon.

2 - A flying code will be issued by the CFI once you have shown you are keen to properly train at the club, or are a regular solo flyer. It means you have an account with the club which you keep in credit to pay for flying costs

3 - We may have the ability to subsidise single seater flying, more info soon.