New members: Please email committee ( with your pick up location and mobile phone number (so we can pick you up on the day). Also, if you are under 18 years old, please send the committee an email ( before you sign up.

This page may look empty for a lot of the time. But when a sign-up goes live, you will see some buttons appear which you can use to sign up to a trip. These trips fill up quickly, so be fast to sign up! These trips are first come, first serve. We will try to email all members who have paid the membership fee and put a post on the Facebook page when sign-ups go live, so consider turning on notifications on the Facebook page if you are desperate to get on an early trip. Don't be disappointed if you don't get on a trip straight after the Freshers week. Later on in the year after Christmas, things quieten down and there will be a chance to go on a trip then. Besides, in the spring, the weather is better and you can spend more time in the air. Any questions about sign-ups? Send us a message on Facebook or send an email at:


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