Our fire sessions on Tuesdays are great fun and fire spinning/juggling is not as dangerous or scary as it sounds! There are a few things you should know if you're planning on coming along

1. It's pretty obvious, but we won't let you juggle objects on fire until you've shown us that you can juggle them when they're not on fire.

2. If you want to juggle/spin fire, you need to adhere to the following clothing guidelines:

Natural fibres are best, including denim
Long hair must be tied back and ideally covered with a hat (or similar)

Do NOT wear:

Any item that cannot be tumble dried.
Plastic/manmade materials.
Polyester – shrinks as it burns and can stick to skin causing severe injury.
Clothing with elastic woven into it.
Clothing with fluffy/dangly bits attached to it.

3. The committee knows what to do if anything goes wrong, so if you do happen to injure yourself in any way, please let one of us know.

4. DON'T bring a lighter with you, nor anything else that could catch alight.

5. You need to be a member of Gravity Vomit to juggle fire (otherwise you're not insured)

Any questions, email  Of course, if you don't fancy trying fire, we do bring all our LED glow equipment along with us (balls, poi, etc) :-)


Follow these fire proceedures.

Make sure that they actually know they are on fire. It's easier to put yourself out if you know about it :-)

2. Make space to Stop, Drop and Roll.
Move their fire equipment away from them. Rolling around on fire equipment may be counterproductive...

3. Let us deal with it.
We have a fire blanket. If needed, we will use it. 

4. Don't Panic.
If all goes horribly wrong, we'll throw a bucket of water over them, and push them in the lake!


General safety

Some of our equipment requires you to be supervised by one of the committee until you're confident.  So, if you want to use the unicycle, slackline, rola bola, knives or stilts you need to ask one of us first.
Also, common sense should be liberally applied. If it seems like a bad idea, get a patsy to do it for you. ;)

If you're interested in volunteering to teach kids juggling and circus skills (and you should do - it's great fun!) you'll probably need to get an enhanced CRB check...just ask for a form.