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What We Do

We aim to provide a platform on which to celebrate the genre of Hip-Hop, facilitating an ever-present community within the university, where members can educate themselves on the history, current-affairs and practical elements of the genre. We also aim to provide recreational possibilities to those who share our passion as Hip-Hop listeners.

Our activities will include:

Discussion Groups: Akin to that of a book club, members can vote on an album to review, where we explore the political, societal, conceptual and lyrical significance of an artist’s work, whilst simultaneously bringing debates into the fray which have been entailed through the artists implied statements.

Socials: Club nights and concert trips with group discounts, pub quizzes, album listening parties and film showings.

Extras: We will create weekly tailored playlists on a majority of listening platforms, so that listeners can branch out their tastes into unexplored sub-genres. If supported by our members, we would look at tutorials/discussion groups on writing rhymes.

Reasons to Join Us

Music plays such an integral part in people’s lives and Hip-Hop, quantitatively more so, with it being the most consumed genre of music in the world today and having the influence to sculpt modern society with regards to politics, other genres and youth culture. Hip-Hop society will provide the opportunity and inspiration to explore this in which ever facet the participants which to explore.

We are a free to join and inclusive society, meaning anyone regardless of their expertise on Hip-Hop can test out our society's activities and gain something positive from it, through the engaging and passionate community we hope to create.


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