International Exec 20-21

The ISA is led by a group of elected international students, the International Exec and is supported by the Community Officer and International Student Coordinator. The role of the Exec is to represent the international student voice in The SU and to the University.  The Exec will work together to identify key issues and represent international student views through campaigns, meetings and other activities.

The 2020/21 Elected Committee

Hi, my name is Eman Fareed and I am Chair of the International Exec. I am an undergrad studying Accounting and Finance. I am originally from Pakistan, but I moved to the UK just over three years ago. I live with my mom in Cambridge which too, like Bath, a beautiful place. I am incredibly lucky to have spent most of my life (before coming to Uk) with my grandparents. One other thing about me is that I love food. I enjoy every kind of foods; Oriental, Indian, English, everything! I am a very approachable person, so feel free to contact me anytime you like :-)

Hello, I’m Charmian Deng doing MSc Management. I did my undergrad in Bath as well. I am Cantonese, originally from China. My family lives in Budapest and I went to school in Vienna before coming to the UK for Uni. I love sports; swimming, kickboxing, tennis and I watch lots of sports too. I am very approachable, feel free to contact me about anything :-)

Hi all! I am Manish Khemlani and I’m currently studying for an MSc in Engineering Business Management. I am from Singapore and have also spent some time in Malaysia and Dubai. I have been fortunate enough to make friends with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds whilst studying in an International school. Feel free to approach me anytime about anything!

Hello, I am Shiqi Wang (call me Shix!) and I am in my first year of BSc Architecture! I am Chinese, from the sunny island of Singapore. I like painting, running and cycling. Coming to Bath and making my own meals has made me a MasterChef (just kidding). I’m very friendly, so don’t hesitate to speak to me anytime :-)

Hey everyone! My name is Zoë Paumelle and I am a Final Year Management student. Although I’ve lived in France all my life, I am half French, Half Zimbabwean. I’ve just come back from a year of placement in Luton and I am really glad to be back in Bath! My secret talent is telling jokes that only I understand :-) Feel free to contact me whenever!

Agenda and minutes from Exec meetings:

5 November 2020: Agenda Minutes

12 November 2020: Agenda Minutes

2 December 2020: Agenda Minutes

2 February 2021: Agenda Minutes

24 February 2021: Agenda Minutes

24 March 2021: Agenda Minutes

13 April 2021: Agenda Minutes


Role Descriptions

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International Exec Chair role description

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