West Country Regionals

Date: Early November & Mid March
Location: Bath/Bristol

Our first get together of the year with the other clubs in the region takes place in early November. This usually takes place in our home dojo at the sports training village on campus. Reginal events are a great opportunity to get some teaching from the different senseis in the region. You will get a different perspective on jiu jitsu and learn some cool new things. It usually costs £10, which is taken on the door.

Atemi Nationals

Date: Late November
Location: Sheffield

One of two national events in the Jitsu calendar, and the only one with BUCS points. We have 4 hours of Jitsu over two days with senseis from up and down the country, followed by competitons amongst people of the same belt. Expand your knowledge of Jitsu and meet new people.

We usually take a coach from the East car park on campus Friday evening and come back late on the Sunday after the competition. 

If you are interested in coming please talk to one of the committee so we know how many people we need to accommodate.


Date: Early December, Late March & Early June
Location: Bath/Bristol

A grading is your chance to proceed to a higher belt. There are three grading sessions in the region every year. These are usually between two and three hours long for novices, with upwards of four hours for the higher belts!

Randori Nationals

Date: Late February
Location: Northampton

The second national event in the Jitsu calendar. It has a similar structure to the atemi national, however the competitions consist of ground fighting and throwing with a resisting opponent. This event takes place over a weekend.