Impact of C-19 on UBKC

Like all SU sports clubs, C-19 has and will continue to impact how the club is able to function. Our priority is to keep our members and coaches safe and therefore we are continually working on adapting how the club will run for the 2020/21 year. In addition, UBKC has to abide by the guidance set by our National Governing Body (NGO) as well as the SU and STV regulations in order to be able to run training sessions safely.

What does this mean for:

  • Training sessions - the committee have been working hard with our coaches to come up with a virtual offer in order to ensure we can provide training sessions despite the current situation. Our current plan is as follows:
    • Three virtual sessions per week:
      • Kata (form) - this will be split into novices and seniors in order to ensure appropriate oversight and allow for progression. These sessions will be one hour long.
      • Kumite (sparring) - this will be a mixed ability class but include alternative exercises for varying abilities. These sessions will be one hour long.
      • Fitness - mixed abilities session with warm-up, HIIT elements and stretches. These sessions will be one hour long.
        Each of these sessions will also include an element of basics to keep new and old members on-top of these all important skills. The days of the week these sessions will run on is to be confirmed, but please keep checking this page for updates.
    • In-person sessions (one per week minimum):
      • In person training will involve longer sessions that are split into sections to focus on all elements of karate - kata, kumite and basics to ensure members can get the most out of the in-person coaching.

Please keep checking this page and our Facebook page in order to remain up-to-date as the situation develops.

  • Socials - in addition to great training sessions, we pride ourselves on our fun and inclusive socials. We will have to follow guidance but we will still be running lots of socials, to make up for time we would be socialising in our training sessions. Our current plan is:
    • Allocated virtual social time every other week - quizzes (hope you haven't had enough of those yet!); online games or just chilled time to chat and catch up. 
    • Allocated in person socials every two weeks - be it just going for some food at Mission Burrito (our favourite), movie nights, or chilled gatherings.
    • Welcome Social - every year we host a welcome social for new and old members alike, welcoming them back to the club with a night at one of our favourite clubs. Given our current situation, this won't be able to go ahead but we shall still kick start our year with an in-person social (in early October).
  • Competitions - our regular competitions may not run as planned. Current advice states that there should be no contact training such as kumite (sparring) and so kumite competitions may be limited due to this. As previously mentioned though this will be continuously updated. 


Updated on 31st August 2020