Our coaches and Captains


We are incredibly lucky to have some fantastically talented coaches helping to run many of our training sessions. They, along with our team captains, are also responsible for setting up and sending us to competitions, as well as picking out the main team of the club. Don’t fret if you don’t feel you’re up for getting onto the team, there are a huge number of competitions we will be happy to help get you involved in as long as you prove your dedication and determination in getting there. Each of our coaches and captains is as follows:

Mr Tettmar

Rob "the Badger" Tettmar has been in martial arts for over 30 years, coaching current international fighters when they were just 5 years old. He's a 6th-degree black belt, hugely experienced coach and one of Europe's top referees. Only joining us in 2018, he immediately became a popular member of the club, equally capable of coaching 100 novices or 1:1 training with a world champion. When he's not breaking boards with a single finger, he enjoys watching Mo Salah break down defences for Liverpool FC.

Scott Harris

Scott joined our club in 2013 to add Chinese Sanda and grappling to our American style training. He also brought loads of enthusiasm, a smile and over 20 years of experience in striking, grappling and fitness. In his own words, he wants to help everyone to improve their physical and mental health, which he achieves with weekly sessions of punches, kicks and takedowns. He's also the guy to speak to about strength and conditioning, and you can always join him at his local pub when the boxing's on.