The Committee

As with all clubs here at the University, BULB is run by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic students. The role of the committee is to make sure the club runs smoothly, and organise events for club members. We can be found at lessons, socials, and competitions, and are always available if you have any club-related issues or just want a chat!


Tim Scott

I’ve been dancing at Bath for 5 years and I’m in the second year of my Architecture Masters, and of dancing Intermediate. I was Team Captain last year and can’t wait to get stuck in as Chair. As much as my partners try to convert me into a Latin dancer, my favourite dance is the Slow Foxtrot.


Leo Bennett

Hi, I’m Leo, the club treasurer this year. I'm a second year studying aerospace engineering, and my favourite dance is the Jive.


Nick Munnich

My favourite dances are Tango, Samba, and Jive in no particular order. I’m a final year computer science student but I’ve only started dancing last year. It’s never too late to start learning how to dance!


Tom Ratford
Team Captain

Hi, I’m Tom and I’m a 3rd year maths student. I was eventually convinced by course mates to come to a taster and I’ve loved the club ever since. My favourite dance flip flops between tango and slow foxtrot.


Vicky Lawrence
Team Captain

I’m Vicky, a novice follower in my second year of MMath. My favourite dance is the jive but I love to dance everything!


Daisy Hammersley
Welfare and Promotion

Hi, I’m Daisy and I’m a second year International Management and German student. I joined BULB last year having never danced before and I love it! My favourite dances are Waltz, Cha Cha Cha and Tango.


Valeriya Bykova
Wardrobe Coordinator

Hi I'm Valeriya, your 2019-2020 wardrobe coordinator. I'm a second year architecture student, and my favourite dance is Jive.


Anthony Edler
Club Social Sec

Hey I'm Anthony, a second year physics student. I joined late last year but did my best to catch up with everyone else, dancing is far too much fun and everyone is too friendly so I instantly got hooked. My favourite dances are waltz, tango and cha cha.