Marxist Student Federation

What We Do

The Marxist Society is a group of socialist students working together to better educate ourselves about capitalism and how we can fight to overthrow it. We organise ourselves for a variety of different events, ranging from discussion groups, reading groups and guest speakers to more direct action such as attending protests or joining picket lines.
We invite everyone to come to our meetings for political education, regardless if you’re a devout Marxist, curious, or maybe even a Tory.
We try to meet every Wednesday evening via Zoom, and communicate primarily through our Teams or Instagram page.
And of course, we always have the occasional social to complain about capitalism over a pint.

Join the struggle comrades!

Who We Are

We are Marxists first and foremost. But we are also part of the larger Marxist Student Federation, a collection of Marxist student groups from across the UK. We are also in turn part of the British Socialist Appeal which itself is part of the International Marxist Tendency, which has sections in over 30 countries. So no matter where you're from or going, there's bound to be like-minded Marxists there! Each of these organisations publishes their own materials, articles and work for you further understand Marxism and further your political education! More info about them and what they do can be found on their websites. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like join, become a member of the society (it's free) for our Teams or you can contact us via:

Email -

Instagram - bathmarxists