URB Meets B-Traits

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URB Meets B-Traits

So here we are, the fourth and final Metripolis night of 2017. Shadow Child seriously delivered last time and expectations were high for Radio 1 mainstay B Traits to provide a night to remember.

When we first arrived a little after 11 the downstairs was only lightly populated. It seemed most of the throng hadn’t yet ventured away from the upstairs lounge and bar which supplied more of a crowd. DJ Kemba once again kicked off proceedings with a percussion heavy set that quite quickly began to fill the room. Soon midnight was upon us and the main act would soon take the stage. The upstairs had all but emptied whilst the dancefloor had filled to a bustling but not overbearing level.

Then it was time. B Traits let rip with the first of many tracks to have the room jumping and drunken smiles pasted across everyone’s faces. The low thump of the bass grew ever quicker in tempo as the melodic beating of Bougarabous and Djembes filled the room giving a perfect accompaniment to the revelry of the crowd. The dancefloor was now positively electric.

A full 2 hours of B Traits came to a close far too soon. Those hoping that B Traits would have something reminiscent of her Boiler Room debut to give us would not have been disappointed. Her set was nothing short of sensational. Certainly one to remember. And certainly an excellent way to round of the Metripolis 2017 calendar.

Stay tuned for more great nights with Metripolis in the New Year.

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