A Night at Metripolis - Shadow Child

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A Night at Metripolis - Shadow Child

Interview from the event is now live on Mixcloud! Go listen to it now!

For this, the third Metripolis night to be hosted at Moles this season, and following hot on the heels of house and techno sensation George Fitzgerald, the stage was set for dance veteran Shadow Child to produce an unforgettable evening. The buzz surrounding this night was palpable all week on campus and in town with everyone expecting Moles, Metripolis and Shadow Child to deliver.

And deliver they did. Even as early as 10 o’clock the upstairs lounge and bar had an excitable hum. Metripolis and University Radio Bath mainstay DJ Kemba, (who deserves special mention for his marathon 4 hours of set time bookending the nights proceedings) began his set there was no question that Moles was going to go off. As midnight approached and the main act drew near both upstairs and down had filled, and we were treated to a series of tunes that steadily increased the tempo and brought out the strongest of skanks.

Then it was time. Without much ceremony Shadow Child squeezed himself into the intimate Moles DJ booth and unleashed the first of many tracks to have the floor shaking and a bassline reverberating around our chests. The melodies and hooks intertwined seamlessly with the deep low thump of the bass taking the crowd higher and higher; bass faces permanently locked in. The dancefloor began to crowd as the lounge emptied upstairs, its patrons drawn in by the flawless mixing and selecting on display below deck.

Just as soon as it had begun a full 2 hours of Shadow Child excellence came to a close with nothing short of a musical flourish. Definitely a hard act to follow. But Kemba proved to be up to the challenge as he rounded the night off.

Here’s hoping B Traits can match up to what we saw this Friday, and give us something reminiscent of that powerful Boiler Room set. Have a watch here:

She will be coming your way on Friday 1st December, Facebook event and ticket link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1934448286813034/If you’d like to review anymore nights please contact music@uniradiobath.com or marketing@uniradiobath.com.

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