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URB is home to a variety of different programmes that can entertain your ears, and satisfy your musical needs. You want to listen to house music? URB have you covered. You want to listen to high quality sports discussion? Then URB have you covered. You want to listen to chart music as you slave away in the library? You guessed it - URB have you covered. We are proud of the programmes we air live on URB 1449AM, and here is some of the lovely shows you can listen to!


Show Presenters Date & Time
Monday Morning Glory Liam Bridge, Alex Harwood and Jordan Edwards Mondays @ 8:30am
In The Mix With Niks Nakeitha 'Niks' Delanancy Mondays @ 7pm
Chitchat and Chill Will Kaye and Erin McCullough Mondays @ 8pm
Thursday Morning Glory Cara Pring and Olivia Brennan Thursday @ 8:30am
URB FC Liam Bridge, Elliott Martin, Cameron Holt and Ryan Arnold Tuesday @ 6pm
The Cowboy and The Indie-One Alice Begg and Max Morley Tuesday @ 7pm
Wednesday Afternoon Delight The Unholy Trinity (Mitch Thorngate, Max Morley and Alice Begg) Wednesday @ 12pm
Elliott and Co Elliott Martin Wednesday @ 6pm
The Requester Mitch Thorngate Wednesday @ 7pm
URB Spotlight Oli Kelly and Callum Morrison Wednesday @ 8pm
The Alex's Show Alex McColl and Alex Kember Thursday @ 5pm
That's Groovy AF Alex 'Kemba' Kember Thursday @ 7pm
Friday Morning Glory Will Kaye, Erin McCullough and Marlon Gasparotto Friday @ 8:30am
ALL CAPS Alex Clark Friday @ 7pm
Music Fox Isaac Frost Sundays @ 6pm
Alphabeats Alex McColl TBC

Monday Morning Glory with Liam Bridge, Alex Harwood and Jordan Edwards

Tune in from 08:30 to join your hosts Liam Bridge, Alex Harwood and Jordan Edwards for a cornucopia of hilarious games, insightful conversation, and cracking tunes. Expect fun games such as Thunderwords and Bridge's 'Quickfire Questions'!

In The Mix With Niks

Long running show presented by yours truly Niks. Fancy yourself a connoisseur for underground EDM? Then Niks has you covered. Showcasing the best underground electronic sounds, live mixes from electronic DJs in and around Bath, and news and hot topics about your favourite DJs, Ibiza features, festivals, events and more! Listen in every Monday at 7pm.

Chitchat & Chill

Wind down after a stressful Monday, and enjoy an evening of chilled tunes, and great guests as Will Kaye and Erin McCullough guide you for a rather relaxing start to the week. Mondays at 8pm.

Thursday Morning Glory with Cara Pring and Olivia Brennan

When there’s rain we’ll bring you the sunshine! Bringing back the biggest tunes and chart music to kick start your morning. Are you ready for a trip down memory lane? Well stuff the porridge and your kale smoothie as we take you to Throwback Thursday. Join us for The Morning After and take inspiration from our chosen Queen of the day - They’re irreplaceable and one in a million. Let us blow your mind in the discussion for some real girl talk! Every Thursday morning at 8:30am!

Afternoon Delight with The Unholy Trinity

Need a high quality entertainment programme every Wednesday at 12pm for two hours after those long early lectures to listen to full of good craic, great banter and fun, likeable personalities? Tough luck – you’ve got the Unholy Trinity to deal with now. Loud personalities, updates on Countryfile and listening to a boy with a hangover try and break a world record every now and again – what more could you want! Join Mitch Thorngate control his co-hosts Max 'The Mess' Morley and Alice Henderson-Begg every 12pm on Wednesday.

Elliott and Co.

Join 'SRA Nominated' radio presenter Elliott Martin present a cavalcade of banter and good music as he disrupts the airwaves with 'Elliott and Co.' Fun quick-fire games, insightful analysis of all things brilliant, and an unhealthy obsession with early noughties rock music sums up this show! Listen in every Wednesday at 6pm.

The Requester

Every Wednesday at 7pm, join Mitch Thorngate for his no-holds-barred request show as he delves into every genre imaginable, as requested by the students of the University of Bath (and his mum – she listens every week). A very special guest will join Mitch in the studio as the Guest Requester and help Mitch somehow create a slightly listenable and entertaining show (as long as his Mum enjoys it, then that’s all that matters). From Dolly Parton and A-Ha, to Ghetts and Bicep, you never know who will make the Requester’s Cut.

That's Groovy AF

Hey guys it’s Kember, if you want to hear the best in House, Disco and Techno then tune in to my show Thursdays at 7pm. With lots of new music, old favourites and basically anything that’s got my foot tapping over the last week. Listen in to begin your weekend the right way.

Morning Glory with Will Kaye, Erin McCullough and Marlon Gasparotto

Tune in from 08:30 to join your hosts Will Kaye, Erin McCullough and Marlon Gasparotto, for once again, a cornucopia of hilarious games, insightful conversation, and cracking tunes including Track To The Future, where Will takes you and his co-hosts back to a year in the past.

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