URB Presents: Things to Do in Bath (other than splash around)

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URB Presents: Things to Do in Bath (other than splash around)

You’ve finally made it! First of all, congratulations on getting into the University of Bath and we at URB hope that you make the most of your first year at the university! It might seem daunting that you begin your journeys in a new environment, but there is a whole new place to explore (a very beautiful and historic city we must add)! That’s why we’re here to help you out; URB has decided to suggest some of the best things to do in the city of Bath whilst you are here for your first year of university life.

Bizarre Bath

For those who are fans of comedy, why not try Bath’s very own comedy walk! Starting at 8pm every evening from the Huntsman Inn in the city centre of Bath, the Bizarre Bath Comedy Walk has been entertaining residents of Bath and many students for years, providing a new comedic insight to the streets of Bath. The walks are usually approximately up to 2 hours and is a great way to socialise and enjoy yourself!

The Roman Baths

Now an activity that you have definitely heard of. If you fancy yourself as a potential historian or just have a fond obsession of old public baths, then this is the place. Created by the, you guessed it, the Romans during Britain’s period of being part of the Roman Empire, the baths are full of rich history and give the public an insight into how our previous ancestors might have lived.

Bath Abbey

Again, those interested in the rich history of this beautiful city, we’ve got you covered. Exploring the abbey again allows you to delve into the city’s rich history and guided tours are available to educate yourselves and to listen to interesting stories about the abbey itself.

The Recreation Ground

The Recreation Ground, colloquially known by students and locals as the Rec, is the home to Bath Rugby. Providing an awesome atmosphere and home to some great rugby matches, the Recreation Ground is a place worth to visit. The University of Bath rugby team often play important matches in this ground as well, so why not catch the U1 or the Wessex 17 down and support your uni and make some noise.


If you’ve somehow managed to save some of your student loan on yourself after spending it all on ‘books’ and ‘furniture’, why not shop till you drop at Southgate in Bath City Centre. Southgate is home to lots of different shops with a variety of brands offering their services including Superdry and Primark just to name a few.

Pulteney Bridge

If you have friends who are already at the University of Bath, then you have most probably seen them post a selfie or a picture by Pulteney Bridge with a caption along the lines of “Bath is so beautiful *insert bath emoji* “ – but it’s true. Pulteney Bridge does offer some breath taking views of the River Avon and is a lovely place to walk along at any time of the day. Plus, it’s near to a lot of shops and clubs. Sorted.

Sham Castle

Legend has it that this old derelict ruin situated just outside the campus was built in the middle ages by a nobleman who was trying to pull a fine young lady so built her the front half of a castle to impress her. Not sure if that’s true or if I’m extremely gullable, but oh well. Sham Castle is a great place to visit if you want to see the entire of the city in its true glory. A true birds eye view of the city allows you to appreciate the beauty of the UNESCO protected city.

Getting involved with URB

Another awesome thing to do (we’re not being biased here) is to get involved with URB! It’s the perfect opportunity to get your creative muse flowing and have an opportunity to learn new skills related to the media and music industry! Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people and is located on campus in the Students Union.

Exploring Museums

Bath is home to many museums and information centres including the Fashion Museum located near the Circus, the Jane Austen Centre located on Gay Street and the Herschel Museum of Astronomy on New King Street. If you’re looking for an educational but laidback activity to take your mind off your workload, then we definitely recommend this!

But there’s more!

But that isn’t just it; Bath is jam-packed with lots of exciting and interesting activities to do. From taking walks along the River Avon, to partying the night away in one of the many clubs in the city, or going for a nice meal in one of the eateries, there is always something available to satisfy your boredom.

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