Urb Guide To Eating Out In Bath

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URB's Guide To Eating Out In Bath

Food glorious food, hot sausage and mustard; I’m getting hungry just at the thought of food! Eating out can be a great part of your university experience however; with such a diverse and wide selection to choose from in such a small place, it can often be overwhelming to choose one place. But don’t you worry, URB are here to help you with our wisdom and knowledge! Here is URB’s official guide to eating out in Bath.


Opened in August 2016, Juno is an independent bar and restaurant located on the edge of the Southgate shopping centre in the city centre of Bath. Combining both high quality fresh food and a wide choice of great beers and ciders, Juno has been creating a great atmosphere for students to relax and socialise. The bar/kitchen is also famed for its stylish interior with its use of street art from the likes of famous artists such as Shepard Fairey and Mike Giant providing a niche appeal which makes many students love the place. If you’re looking for originality in both your food and your décor, Juno is the place to be.


After a large refurbishment, Belushi's is now a top sports bar, hailing a packed menu and a wide array of drinks. The interior decor boasts the excitement of youth culture, along with intimate booths where you can enjoy a sporting occasion with friends! From drums and cymbals converted into lights on the ceiling, to Oasis album artwork plastered to the walls, Belushi's is a venue for both a chilled and exciting night out!

Absurd Bird

After our recent visit to Absurd Bird Bath, it is clear to say that this restaurant and bar, depicts the true meaning of the deep Southern states of America. From the food and menu – which includes free range chicken from Devon – to the drinks and cocktails, where the infamous Moonshine Whisky and Absurd Lager, is specially brewed and curated from the Absurd Bird team. Not forgetting the unique interior décor of the building, the only place where diners will see a Jack Daniels’ bottle used, not for drinking, but as lights to illuminate the room. Whilst Absurd Bird really hits the nail on the head with its authenticity, it also caters to its student demographics with live music and happy hour ALL NIGHT, each and every Wednesday night, tasty sliders and dirty buns, oh yes, and the very well known Wing Challenge!

Sotto Sotto

Sotto Sotto prides itself on its simple but delicious cuisine, and it has got a lot to show for it as it has won the award for ‘Best Italian Restaurant in Bath’ twice. Located on North Parade, this beautiful little restaurant provides a real warmth for its customers with its cosy interior and great tasting food drawing customers back again and again. The interior feels like you have been transported back to Bath during the Roman Empire and the high quality Italian food on offer cements its status as a must-visit establishment in Bath.


You might have been to a Giraffe restaurant before, and if you have, you’ll know why this is a great place to have a flavoursome meal. With its wide selection of international foods such as tagines from Morocco or the Vada Pav veggie burgers from India, there is always something new and exciting to taste in this restaurant. Oh, and their cocktails are sublime.

Turtle Bay

High quality Caribbean cooking and an immense selection of cocktails to choose from which are 2 for the price for 1, you can understand why Turtle Bay is a popular student eatery. Another establishment with a great atmosphere and location, and the jerk chicken is a personal favourite for me. Oh, and the Zombie Cocktails. My love for those cocktails will last for eternity.

The Canon

The Canon is an awesome bar which serves an extensive range of craft ales, ciders and cocktails; but they also serve cheap wholesome meals that are perfect for your night-out. The Canon is also awesome for watching live sport, with nearly every major sporting event being played at the venue. Their wide selection of drinks does offer some local flavour, with the establishment championing local breweries such as Lilley’s Cider as well as serving your classic alcoholic brands. If you fancy gorging yourself on chicken wings, then a Wednesday night at the Canon is a shout where chicken wings are 25p each. So tuck in, grab yourself a nice local pint and kick back. Did I mention they have retro video games there as well? Another reason to visit this place for a meal. Who doesn’t want to play old school Street Fighter and have a massive portion of chicken wings?

Yak Yeti Yak

Along with an awesome name and an awesome underground location, Yak Yeti Yak has been gracing local residents of Bath with authentic Nepalese cuisine since 2004. Serving delicious food sourced locally from farmers in Somerset, Yak Yeti Yak broadens your culinary horizons with their powerful flavour combinations. And they have their own chicken who supplies the eggs by all accounts – isn’t that awesome? Can’t get fresher than that. They also do really good lunch time deals, so if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat if you’re in the city centre, then hit this place up.

But the city centre isn’t the only place to get decent food in Bath; oh no. The campus has you covered.

The Parade

Burgers. Fries. Steaks. A mean fry-up. A wide selection of vegan/vegetarian options so everyone is covered. It sounds too good to be true, but this place is real – and it’s on campus. The Parade is an extremely social environment where you can grab a tasty filling meal and also enjoy a high quality meal. It is also very affordable for the quality of the service you receive. Another place you should definitely try to pencil in if you fancy not venturing to the city centre.

Fountain Canteen

The Fountain Canteen is also on campus, providing a large variety of meals from brimming burritos to light snacks. But the reason you should visit the Fountain Canteen is for its value ‘All Day’ options. Meals such as Sausage and Mash, Toasties, Soup with Bread and much more are all available for… pause for suspense… one English pound. Yes, you heard me - £1. If you’ve managed to blow your student loan by mid-October, then head on over to the Fountain Canteen.

The Lime Tree

Just when you think there isn’t anywhere else on campus providing scrumptious and moreish food, the Lime Tree pops out of nowhere. Located by the Chancellor’s Building, the Lime Tree serves a mixture of appetising meals for a good price. If you’re looking for a healthy option, the Lime Tree is great as it has an awesome salad bar with a range of salads to keep your healthy lifestyle on track.

The beauty about Bath is that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to food. You could have a different cuisine every night of the week if you wanted to! There’s even more places we haven’t even mentioned, but you’ll just have to explore that for yourself and have the pleasure to try as much food until you’re dragged out of the restaurant kicking and screaming.

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