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URB’s Dean Breed and Robbie Burnby caught up with the Swedish up and coming rock band, Normandie, before their performance at The Fleece in Bristol supporting of Hands Like Houses. 

Philip Strand (lead vocals) noted that the band had “little time to finish” Inguz and “had three months to start building it up or start over new”. Adding further to the peculiar process of the debut’s creation, Philip stated that the band “just pushed through it and had a good month in the studio writing it up. It just happened. It’s still a Normandie album and we’re very proud of it but it doesn’t feel like it was written by our hands. If you work for two months on something, you don’t expect people to react in that way”.

Speaking just days before the release of their new album, White Flag, Normandie gave plenty of insight into the process of its creation and how it differed from the debut. “With this album, we’ve been building up for two years and we have more relationship to the songs” Philip said. Poetically, Phillip added, “If you shut down your brain, your heart speaks” despite also noting that “you could say that about alcohol too!”.

The band all disagreed on their favourite track from the new album so make sure you check out White Flag, Dead, Fever & (Don’t) Need You. The album is out now!

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