Each year Bath participates in the British Universities Karting Championship, competing against 40 other universities at some of the best outdoor karting circuits across the UK.

The BUKC uses the most powerful arrive-and-drive kart fleet in the world. These 115cc 2-stroke Rotax karts are capable of accelerating from 5 to 60mph in 4.5s and can achieve top speeds of 70mph! There are four classes which teams are spread over in the championship; Premier, Clubman, Intermediates and Rookies. The Premier and Clubman classes race simultaneously in the Mains Championship.

Any driver wishing to race in the Premier, Clubman or Intermediates division must obtain a BUKC Race License. Drivers can qualify for this by showing sufficient competence at any of the BUKC test days, which take place through October and November, or any Rookies round. Once you've got your license, you've got it for life!


After the final test day, Qualifiers are held over the course of two days to determine the top 54 teams, who qualify to compete in the Mains Championship throughout the season. Of this 54, the top 26 qualifiers will be in Premier, and the rest in Clubman. All other teams who take part in Qualifiers are then eligible to compete in the Intermediates Championship.

In the Mains and Intermediates championships, teams of 4 drivers compete across 4 rounds at circuits around the country such as Buckmore Park, Whilton Mill and Clay Pigeon. A Mains Championship race day consists of six 25 minute sprint races in the morning, and three 55 minute endurance races in the afternoon. Each driver competes in one sprint race and one endurance race.

In the Intermediates Championship, a race day begins with five 20 minute practice & qualifying sessions and five 25 minute sprint races, with the qualifying order determining the grids for their corresponding race.


The Rookies class is run on the same day as the Intermediates championship, and is designed for new drivers to get to grips with the karts! Each Rookies driver will have a 15 minute test session, a 15 minute qualifying session and a 12 minute race, with feedback available from the Club100 team. Plus, even if you get your race license at a Rookies round, you are free to continue racing in the class for the remainder of the season!

All levels of experience are welcome, from complete novices to karting champions! No equipment is required - just turn up and RACE! The BUKC is the most intense, action packed student sport around – an amazing opportunity to get involved in competitive motorsport at a fraction of the cost of running your own kart!

More championship information is available at bukc.co.uk

You can check out the best of our Intermediates winning season below, from our YouTube channel!