The Committee 2013-2014


Adam Griffin

Hello Mountaineers. I’m Adam and as Club Chairman this year it will be my job to make sure that the club runs smoothly and that everyone has a brilliant time. This will be my 3rd year on committee and I am hoping to bring this experience into making the club bigger and better this year. I take every opportunity going to get out climbing and really enjoy teaching people the ropes (bad pun fully intended). Anyway looking forward to a good year with all of you. ??Contact:


Klara Marsikova

Hey I’m Klara, a second year NatSci student and your treasurer this year. I’m a keen walker and a novice climber with a passion for traveling and exploring the outdoors. I’m always on the lookout for an adventure, so expect to see me on lots of trips this year. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you have any questions or just want to chat! ??Contact:


David Clare

I'm Dave and as secretary I'm the guy you come to when you don't quite know what to do, where to go, or who you need to contact. I'm an engineer from the Lake District and I dabble in everything the club offers. In general I'd rather get nice views than do hard stuff, and I'm happy to teach beginners. When I'm not climbing I'm probably designing and making stuff, or cooking. Hearing me call Bath 'Barth' is one of the first signs of the apocalypse. Top tip: If I don't seem very talkative, feed me. ??Contact:


Will Pope

Hi, my name's Will and I'm in the final year of my Mechanical Engineering degree. My role as climbing sec is to pass on as much of the knowledge that I have collected over my last 4 years in this club as possible. Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced climber I know you will be able to try something new with our club and I hope to facilitate that. A big part of my role will be introducing beginners to climbing, look out for the beginner belay sessions as well as regular trips to our local climbing walls. You don't need any prior knowledge to become a rock climber, when I started uni I had never climbed before! You can enjoy climbing in our club at any level but throughout the year I will be looking to help people progress, whether that be beginning to learn to lead indoors and out or to climb your first winter or even alpine route. If that sounds interesting to you then drop me an email, talk to me at the wall or the pub! Remember any level of climbing is attainable by you, ?all you need to bring along is your enthusiasm. ??Contact:



Mike Strother

Hello Bath mountaineers new and old! I’m Mike and I’m your Walking Secretary for this year. Originally from Macclesfield, I’m going into my final year of Automotive Engineering and have been part of the club since first year. I’m a keen hiker with plenty of experience on mountains and growing interest in scrambling and bouldering. If you have any questions about this side of the club, feel free to ask through email or catch me around at the Ram telling everyone how much better the North is! I look forward to tackling some good mountains with you all! ??Contact:


Olivia Ewing

Hey Guys! I’ll be the one looking after the clubs gear this year. I’m an American from the rainy Pacific North West, studying to try to become a Civil Engineer. I particularly enjoy climbing but I wouldn’t say no to a good scramble either. I’m fairly chill so don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions or want to meet up to return gear. P.S. Chocolate always helps! ??Contact: 


Helen Sandford

Hi I'm Helen I'm a third year biology student as well as being this years social secretary! I'll be ensuring that after a hard week working/climbing we can look forward to a variety of socials. Come to me with any social ideas that you want and I can try to make it happen! Also a keen beginner scrambler or climber! Email or ask me any questions at the Ram!??????Contact:


Oliver Gibson

I’m Oliver/Ollie/Olly/Oli/Ol, a 2nd year physics student and web secretary for the club. I joined the club in my first year with no experience in any of the mountaineering “fields”, and am now a keen but novice boulderer and eager to try my hand at some trad climbing some point this year. I was eager to be of some use to the club despite my limited experience– so, armed with about 2 months of self taught HTML knowledge I’ll be trying to keep the website running this year. I hit up TCA in Bristol every Wednesday afternoon, and can frequently found having a dance to some live music at The Bell Inn. If you have any questions fire away and I’ll do my best to help you out. ??Contact:


Jonny Forster

Hello all, I’m a fifth year integrated engineering student and have been in the club since my first year. I have been climbing for the past 9 years, so this year I will be trying to help the rest of the committee using some of the experience I have gained. Last year I climbed in the Alps for the first time and loved it so much I am already making plans to go back next summer. I am always up for an adventure particularly if it is going to be adrenaline filled so if you have any crazy plans (bridge swinging…) feel free to tell me about them.