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RAG’s Big 4 applications are now open.

Thu 09 Jan 2020

Students will vote on which 4 charities we will support. Nominations for charities to be included ar... read more

Let’s talk about Exam period

Thu 09 Jan 2020

Deadline time is back, so we've taken some of our top tips to have a better exam period... read more

End of Strikes Statement from the SU

Wed 04 Dec 2019

After eight days, the UCU industrial action has come to an end.... read more

Plug Christmas, Revision and Exams Opening Times

Tue 03 Dec 2019

Find out when you can get your Plug fix over the Christmas and exam period.... read more

Lloyds Scholars - An Award Winning Program

Mon 02 Dec 2019

Lloyds Scholars has, for the 2nd year running, won the upReach Student Social Mobility Award for Hig... read more

BoobBall Tournament – Raising Money for CoppaFeel!

Mon 02 Dec 2019

Dodgeball and the Boob team put on BoobBall tournament all in the aid of CoppaFeel.... read more

Students locked in for charity

Mon 25 Nov 2019

A group of students volunteered to get locked in a dog kennel for two hours with only their phones t... read more

Shout out to Kickboxing for organising a great Fight Night!

Wed 20 Nov 2019

Last week, Kickboxing organised an extremely successful Fight Night in aid of the Genesis Trust.... read more

Referendum Discussion Transcript

Fri 15 Nov 2019

Missed the Discussion on the UCU Strike Action? Read our full write up on the event.... read more

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Wednesday Round Up - 15th May

Find out what your SU officers have been up to this week