Wednesday Round Up - 15th May

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Eve Alcock - SU President

Last week, I was off ill, but I did have a chance to present awards at Blues, the Sports Awards for the SU.

1. Strike Fund 

I had a meeting about what we’re using the Strike Fund for with regards to student and staff mental health – we hope to be able to allocate money to some SU projects and improve the provision that the university has too

2. Disciplinary Procedures

I had a meeting about disciplinary procedures on both the SU and University’s side – making them robust and outlining victim support in them

3. Accomodation Strategy

I Had the first meeting to discuss the university’s accommodation strategy which I managed to secure through lobbying. Big discussions about affordability, type of accommodation and accessibility.

Andy Galloway - SU Sport Officer 

Blues Awards

Last week we had the Blues Awards, where members of the sporting community at Bath come together to celebrate a year of sport. It was a fantastic evening where we recognised the amazing achievements and commitment that our students bring to sport.

Preparation for next year

Each year our sports clubs have to fill in forms to handover to the next committee (budget and facilities requests etc). I’ve been working to make this process easier and more useful for our clubs based on feedback we’ve had.

Male Mental Health Meeting 

I had a great meeting with some members of a team that won £250 at the recent One Young World event, to run a project around male mental health, the impact of toxic masculinity and how we can use sport to tackle the issues. It’s early stages but I’m looking toward to seeing it develop over the next few months!

Alisha Lobo - SU Community Officer

1. Ramadan Celebrations

As part of our Ramadan celebrations (the muslim holy month) we had the most amazing iftar with our student community which was well attended by over 100 students. We hope to make this bigger and better next year as Ramadan moves into the academic year and to be having it every Friday.

Jack Kitchen - SU Education Officer

1. University Council 

Eve and I will be attending University Council on Thursday 16th May, representing student voices at the highest level of institutional decision making 

2. Accomodation Strategy 

After the SU lobbied the University to create an accomodation working group, we went to a meeting looking into the cost and quality of campus accomodations, as well as the purpose-built student accomodation blocks in town that the University has an agreement with 

3. Degree Outcomes Group 

I'll be attending a meeting to look at the attainment rates at the University and ways in which we can support the needs of our diverse student body


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