Wednesday Round - Up - 9th April

SU President - Eve Alcock 

So obviously throughout March I was working on getting re-elected for the next academic year. Apart from that, there have been a few other things I've been doing:

1. Women in Leadership Conference

It was brilliant to see so many of you show up for the Women in Leadership conference on 23 March. We had some incredibly influential women coming to share their stories with us, so thank you for taking the time to come down to Bath. Behind the scenes, The SU had been working on planning this for months: everything from the artwork, booking rooms, ordering sandwiches and of course making sure you had workshops! Thank you to everyone that came and made it a success, and to our student and staff volunteers for all your help on the day.

2. FWEM Recruitment 

Freshers' Week Event Managers are the ones who do all the planning for Freshers' Week. The decision this year was really tough as we had so many strong and capable candidates. Our new FWEMS for FW19 are Matt Hewitt, Rupert Oscroft and Ashia Fenwick - I can't wait to work with you all over summer. 

3. UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment 

I was recently asked to sit on the UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment as a student member.  This provides oversight and guidance to make sure the standard in HE is as good as it can be.

4. Lobbying on the University Accommodation Strategy

Just before a University Council meeting, Jack (SU Education officer) and I highlighted a lack of inclusivity and accessibility in the approved planning permission of some new private student accommodation in town. We spoke up to ensure that the decisions were taken with the needs of ALL students in mind, and this point will be further discussed in the next meeting. The rest of the Council had no knowledge of these decisions and were left pretty stunned - just goes to show that a little digging can go a long way in improving transparency and representation!

5. Recruited new University Council member 

Whilst on the topic of University Council, I've also been involved in recruiting our newest member, Pamela Chesters CBE. Pamela has a background working in HE and the public and third sectors, and I'm looking forward to working with her to ensure your voices are heard!

6. Appeared on the WonkHE Podcast

The WonkHE podcast is a platform for policy conversation and provides an opportunity to drive change. I featured on a podcast that spoke about Uni bailouts, subsidies and teaching excellence.

SU Sport Officer - Andy Galloway 

1. New Under Armour kit deal 

I’ve been working with Dreamsport (the company with the Under Armour licence) and Polly in the SU and the Sports Department to ensure we get designs sorted and orders in for new kit in time for next year. We had a great session with students to go through designs which was super-helpful, thanks to everyone who came!

2. Varsity

Last week we secured our 4th victory in a row vs Cardiff Met, it was a great day showcasing our amazing sports teams and supporters and with many new sports added in this year, so I’m excited to see what’s in store when it returns to Bath in 2020!

SU Community Officer - Alisha Lobo

1. Planning for Iftar 

Iftar is the evening meal that breaks the daily fast during Ramadan. Led by the BUIS, we are planning on hosting an Iftar to bring the Muslim community in Bath, as well as students from other cultures, together to celebrate this traditional event. We'll keep you up-to-date with the info!

2. NUS Conference 

As you may have seen from Instagram, we're currently at the NUS Conference. This is where delegates get together to look at policies within the NUS, discuss and debate new motions, and elect political leadership for the next year. If you have any comments you'd like to make, email me!

3. Second Term as Community Officer 

I've recently been re-elected as your 2019/20 Community Officer. Thank you to everyone that voted for me, and a huge shout-out for my brilliant campaign team. This means that I'm now looking at strategies for 2019/20 and the ways that I can make sure my manifesto pledges become a reality. If you'd like to get involved, or you have any ideas you want to discuss, email me on 

SU Activities Officer - Kimberley Pickett 

1. Environmental Wins 

Over the past few months, I've been working really hard to gain some traction on my Environmental manifesto points. Since the start of the semester I have: 

  • Got permission for a zero-waste shop/refill station on campus 
  • Introduced a new recycling scheme 
  • Lobbied Fresh to introduce reverse vending machines - these will be implemented over summer 
  • Changed water fountains on campus 

We're also exploring milk vending machines, getting rid of single use coffee cups and looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic packaging on campus. 

2.  Societies Sports Day 

Planning is underway, so put this in your diaries for 14 April! You'll be able to take part in Volleyball, Rounders and Basketball. 

3. Farmers Market 

Over the past year, The SU has been working to establish regular farmers markets on campus. These have proved really successful with a lot of our students and the final one of these will be tomorrow. Hopefully these will be able to come back for the next academic year! 

SU Education Officer - Jack Kitchen 

1. Errors in Exam Scripts 

After feedback from Academic Reps about consistencies in exam script errors, I presented a paper to a variety of university committees. The University has now agreed to monitor these centrally and review the communication strategy following a report of any errors. 

2. Students making change in the University

I have worked with Student Minds to write a paper that has been presented to the VC to improve the Personal Tutor experience for students experiencing mental health difficulties. The SU has also supported People and Planet to write a paper to the VC on becoming a carbon-neutral University.  It's great to see students submitting papers and bringing about positive change for their peers. 

SU Postgraduate Officer - Jiani Zhou

1. Safeguarding conference

The Postgraduate Association was happy to help support the multidisciplinary conference Safeguarding: a multi-disciplinary view across the lifespan through the PGA's Doctoral Students' Fund. We received some great feedback for this conference, and hope that everyone that went found it interesting. If you have an event or project to develop doctoral research culture, the PGA's Doctoral Students' Fund could help support it, so get in touch

2. PGT Breakfast

Throughout the academic year, we host regular PGT Breakfasts, which act as a chance to network with your peers and also give me any feedback you have. This month's PGT Breakfast was a huge success and we got feedback on a few issues that affect PGT student experiences here at Bath, including wellbeing, dissertation support and extra-curricular.