Become our next Activities Officer!

Become our next Activities Officer!

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What is the Activities Officer's role?

This role is always evolving with student activity, works within the heart of the SU, and helps societies and volunteering groups with their strategic development. It's a dynamic role that any candidate could make their own! This is your chance to shape the SU experience and make the changes you've always wanted to see. 

As well as working with SU groups, the Activities Officer will act as a representative both to the University and on a national scale. Extra-curricular accreditation and development opportunities are also supported and co-ordinated by the Activities Officer, including the peer support and student development areas. Find out more from our candidate information pack.


Why apply to be the Activities Officer?

It's a full-time paid position, that will last a year. During your year in role, you'll gain exceptional experience that will be invaluable in your future and an opportunity very few people have.

As part of this unique role, you become a trustee of the Union. This means you'll take a leading role in an organisation with levels of decision-making and responsibility, skills that could take much longer to build in other businesses. You will manage budgets, run effective meetings, and develop qualities that are highly desired by employers, such as leadership, project management, organisation, communication and negotiating.

On top of this, you have the chance to make real change happen within the University and SU. Not only is your voice heard, but you’re also responsible for amplifying the voices of all students and creating innovative solutions for their concerns. The impact you make will affect students’ lives now and for years to come.

We know the responsibilities can sound daunting, but there’s no need to worry as you’ll be supported by a team of passionate and friendly people in a progressive organisation that lives by its values. You will receive training before you start and can always rely on your colleagues to support you in your role and deliver your goals. At the end of your role your colleagues will be able to give you references for job applications and recommendations on LinkedIn.

This role truly is like no other, one day you’ll be chatting to students and eating free pizza at Freshers’ and the next you'll be in a senior meeting approving a multi-million-pound project.

Read more about this role from some of our past Officers here.


What do I need to apply?

Any registered student may stand for this role. You’ll need to create a manifesto to submit with your application, you can view previous candidate manifestos here, and find two supporters and ask them to email to confirm they nominate you to be an Officer.

Then, you’ll need to nominate yourself online and complete the candidate form. This involves writing a 200 word 'About me' section and about your top 4 priorities.

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll need to record a 1-minute video that summarises your manifesto and why people should vote for you. Then email it to

Finally, complete the checklist to ensure you’ve not missed anything and then the fun begins!


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